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Mayris - fresh name in the music world. Actress by training, strong-willed and self-confident, charming, but with an explosive temper, the singer prefers not to deal with the producers and she makes all the decisions in my life and career. Incredibly feminine and extravagant as on stage and off, Mairis stands out and becomes the center of attention in any setting. Mairis - Virgo horoscope and the pursuit of perfectionism in her blood.

Personality Mairis multifaceted and unpredictable. Define your taste in music as pop, dance, r'n'b and soul, his music is not confined to one style. Today it is a pop jazz and poetry, and tomorrow perhaps ultra-Dance Club. Mairis did not disclose the value of its nickname - we only know that it is a very personal acronym.

Mairis whole life from early childhood is associated with a stage, where her mother led. However, parents and the surrounding predicted future professional dancer girl - an extraordinary talent for choreography she has already manifested itself at an early age. But at the crucial moment Mairis could not take part in the final competition on dance, for which he was excluded from the team. Then my mother and offered to try to sing - just to shift attention. Since Mairis can not live without music. But the girl is not thrown choreography: concert performances Mairis are also dance show produced by the singer.

The warm tone of voice Mairis, her sincerity and special, sensual energy capable of transmitting a wide variety of emotional and mental state of the shades, solar melancholic joy to sadness, from the aching longing to serenity.

In October 2012, is published in the debut radio single Mairis "Alberto", and in early November of the same name will appear on TV clip.