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The group "Marseille" was created in 2005. Then the students of St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts (SPbGUKI) Mitya Eugene Babenko pancakes and staff gathered to participate in a competition of student songs. On the role of vocalist guys invited his classmate student "non-musical" Faculty - Directing and Producing skills - Step Ledkov. For competition guys made arrangements for two songs, one of which - "South" - later fall into the soundtrack of the film-hit "We Are From the Future" (2008). Speech contest and win the group, "Marcel" were so convincing that the team immediately after its debut got a lot of offers on performances. Moreover, in professional terms: a fee and advertising.

In 2007, a group of "Marcel" performed at the All-Russian competition "Live music!", The jury is headed by well-known musician and producer Sergei Zhukov ("Hands up!"). He was so impressed by the victory of the guys that has offered to work together. Since filing Sergei Zhukov band "Marseille" made in the final of the competition "Five Stars" under the patronage of the First Channel in Sochi. In 2008, film director Andrei Malukov Styopa Ledkov invited to play a cameo role in the movie Private yellin 'We're from the future. " Director not only shot in the picture vocalist "Marseille", but also offered the children to write the title song in the opening credits of the picture. For two days Stepan, Eugene and Mitya wrote quite uncharacteristic of the band for the song "Better we not here." Sorry about at this time a group of "fallen" creative crisis.

The lull did not last long. A new impetus to the team gave Mitya Blinov: via the official group of "VKontakte" he began to organize regular tours across the country. And in 2009, he offered to make a video, a budget group "Marcel" gathered for two concerts. The song "No matter how much" was not just hit the Internet, but the group has opened the way to the professional stage. Group "Marcel" changed the club scene on the stage of SC "Olympic" and the Ice Palace. On the group started talking MTV and Muz TV, calling it one of the opening in spring 2010. As a result, the list of the group's performance will be more concerts "Russian Radio" ("Golden Gramophone»), MTV Open Air under the walls of the Kremlin, BIG LOVE SHOW in Moscow and St. Petersburg "Scarlet Sails", where he sang almost 100 000 people, Days of Cities , student and youth festivals across the country.

In 2011, for the video for the song "to where", filmed the famous director Alexander Igudin group "Marseille" was nominated for Muz TV in the nomination "Breakthrough of the Year" along with such famous artists as Mitya Fomin (ex «HiFi») and Alexander A. Revva ("Arthur cakes"). Alas, the honorary prize went to party Comedy Club. But the Latvian television channel SAT nominated band "Marseille" in two nominations - "Best Band of the Year" and "Most Stylish Performer of the Year" for their spring clip "This song is for you," shot by Konstantin Cherepkov. In addition to these honorary nominations to the Group also two "Golden Gramophone" for both the debut single group - "How to" and "To where" - got on the air, "Russian Radio", which did not achieve any of their fellow musicians.