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From childhood, Olga was engaged in creativity, music, dancing, drawing. She graduated from high school. The
Graduate of the St. Petersburg State Academy of Theater Arts
In 2002 she entered the course of People's Artist of Russia Lev Dodin. She studied on the course with Danila Kozlovsky and Lisa Boyarska.
The first filming in the movies took place in the student years, this was a picture of Alexei Masters "Walk". The
In 2003, an internship in Italy in the Teatro Piccollo de Milano. Exchange of acting skills with Italian students. 2 theatrical shows for the Italian public.

The theatrical debut took place in 2005 in the play based on the stories of A. Averchenko, directed by V. Glazkov. The
In 2006 he plays in the play "Orpheus and Eurydice", directed by J. Tomoshevsky.
In 2006, he played the Rock Opera Theater in the musical "Chicago".
In the same period, a musical career began.
Having received a second education, already musical, she gathered a group of Molly's Cream, which performed at major venues of the city. Work was carried out from 2005 to 2010. In parallel with concert activity Olga worked in musical theaters "Carambol", Music-Hall ", the Children's Philharmonic Theater.
In 2008, he performed at the large-scale festival of multi-format Russian open-air music "Nashestvie" in the CIS in the group "Gasoline"
In 2011, he plays in the play "I am the Clown of God, Vaclav Nijinsky", the role of Romola, the theater "The Shelter of the Comedian".
In 2011, plays the play "Eyes of the Clown
In 2013 he starts a new musical project "Magnolia", in which he performs completely the author's material. In 2013 he releases Maxi-single "No. 1". The style of music is defined as indie rock.
A "
In 2013 he plays in the play "The Mad Life of Salvador Dali", an enterprise.
Since 2013 he is an actress of the theater "Sergei Yankovsky".
Parallel to the movie.
In 2013, begins a new theatrical experiment "Open, it's me." School of the art of plastics, theater and voice.
In 2014 he becomes a member of the Greek Salad dance team.
Performs in Scotland, the city of Glasgow at the World Championships in contemporary dance. The team gets the 4th place.