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In 2016-2017, a secular correspondent of the "ShoshevShow" program on the Music Box. The new video of Lina "Nagiyev" for the first week scored 1.5 million views on Youtube channel ELLO and 600 thousand on the platform Vkontakte. The song was presented in the program "Tonight" on Channel One, then lasted more than a week in the 10-digit digital platform iTunes. The single "Paparazzi" Lina presented at the charity evening of Dmitry Nagiyev. The song "I'll Stay With You" has been in the rotation of "Russian Radio" for a long time. The clip "Fairy Prince" was filmed with the participation of the famous Russian actor Dmitry Dyuzhev. Lina is a diploma winner of the Silver Dial in the Kremlin.

At the beginning of September, 2017, Lina became a member of the jury of the contest "You are a Star!" along with Diana Gurtskaya, Sergei Zverev, Angelika Agurbash, Natalia Vlasova, Prokhor Shalyapin, Anastasia Volochkova and Sogdiana.