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Yaroslavl Olesya was born March 20, 1981 in the closed city of Severomorsk, Murmansk region. Olesya father was military, and his mother a music professional. Parents Olesya named it in honor of the popular song "Ales" from the repertoire of the Belarusian VIA "Friends." Mama Irina, singing teacher, early childhood instilled his daughter's love of music and at the age of four years for the first time brought to the stage Lesya Severomorsk sovsmestnogo Palace of Culture for the song "Unwanted emails." In 1988, a girl with her parents moved to the city of Naro-Fominsk in the Moscow region.

Studying in Naro-Fominsk children's music school number 3 in piano and engaged in various circles of the garrison officers house, the girl has been acting in concert, held in the city. Later on Lesya begins to engage in vocal-pop studio "Constellation" in the Naro-Fominsk district Palace of Culture "Star" and takes part in various singing and music contests and festivals, which wins its first creative awards. Together with other artists Les frequent speaker at venues in Moscow and the Moscow area, tours. In 1996, she went to concerts, from the Department of Youth, to the Northern Fleet, spoke in his native city of Severomorsk, on the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, the Soviet Union. Young singer became the winner of competition "Victoria" (1998), "Golden Microphone", Moscow international festival of military songs "Vivat, Victory!" And in the other competitions and muzfestivalyah.

After graduating from secondary school № 4: Naro-Fominsk Les Yaroslavl enters the Moscow Regional College of Arts in the pop-jazz department, which ends with honors in the specialty "vocal coach." In 2001, the young singer was admitted to the Moscow Institute of Contemporary Art. Institute of Lesya also graduated with honors with a degree in "pop vocal". In college, she studied at the institute and the other soloist of the group "Tutsi" Irina Ortman. At the same time she begins to work in their specialty vocal coach in the House of children's creativity to them. Vera Voloshina Naro-Fominsk. In 2001, Les Yaroslavl marries officer Kantemir Guards Tank Division Andrei Kuzicheva.

In 2003, Les Yaroslavl falls on the reality show of the First channel "Star Factory 3" led by Alexander Shulgin. Hold on a TV show for more than two months, the girl leaves the project, losing by a vote of viewers and participants of the "Star Factory-3».

At the end of "Star Factory-3" Les signs a contract with REAL Records and producer Joseph Prigogine, and together with the other participants of the project goes to a long-term tour of 140 cities of the country. During this period, the famous composer and music producer Victor Drobysha an idea to create a female pop group "Tutsi" and Les has become one of the participants in this group, entered into its "golden" composition.

Over 8 years of existence, the group "Tutsi" recorded 2 albums: "The most" (2005) and "Cappuccino" (2007), shot 6 videos: "The most", "I love him", "Bitter Chocolate", " by itself, "" A hundred candles "and" cappuccino ". "Tootsie" gave concerts not only in Russia but also in other countries of the world.

In 2008 Olesya Yaroslavl goes on maternity leave and 27 August, the light appears her daughter Elizabeth. Six months after the birth of her daughter Les returned to the team and starts again on tour with the band.

In 2010, she begins to write her own songs. The song "Not with me" in 2011 enters the soundtrack to the television series "The Accidental Witness" and the singer decided independently to make a video on it. After receiving permission producer group Victor Drobysha, Les Yaroslavl begins his solo career.

In October 2012 comes out the video for "Heart Wave" which Les Yaroslavl also wrote herself.

She starred in the music video for the song "Forever" performed by Irina Ortman and Alexander Kireev.