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2003 - Lena collects his first band and receives Presidential Award "Gifted children". 2005 - Gordeeva begins his studies at the University of the Interior Ministry, at the same time joined the band vocalist. It becomes student of the Delphic Games in Novosibirsk and won the contest of military and patriotic song "How to start a Homeland." 2010 - entered the service in one of the departments of the Interior Ministry and continues to musical experiments, in particular, is involved in the musical "Mozart and Margarita" and "Feast of disobedience».

February 2015 - the English label «Phrased Differently», which cooperates with Miley Cyrus, Olly Murs, TI and other artists with an international reputation, completed work on a new song. Sound-producer was the legendary Maria Marcus, she twice before worked with Russian performers (Julia Parshuta, «Cut Me Open» and Sergey Lazarev T-Pain «Cure The Thunder»).

March 2015 - director Bahodir Yuldashev removed the clip for "Song of Love". Location shooting - Los Angeles and the surrounding area. April 2015 - Lena became the Laureate 1 degree open festival XVIII Army Song "For the faith! For Fatherland! For love. " Lena now lives in two directions. It is still the lead singer of a military band and goes to the civil service. At the same time most of her life take creativity and work in well-known recording studio, touring and creative disputes. Journalists are increasingly called Lena Gordeeva "the most enchanting singer in uniform" and "the sexiest singing policeman." And while there is a constant struggle priorities: I want to serve the country and at the same time to sing. Only time will tell what the cup more weight. Maybe these are not cross paths become one trip.