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Laima Vaykule


Laima Vaykule was born March 31, 1954 in the town of Cesis Latvian SSR.

Father Stanislaw Vajkulis was working. Mother, Janina, was at first a simple clerk, and then director of a large store. Grandmother sang in the church choir.

Three years later, her family - mother, father, two older sisters (one and one half-Native) and older half-brother - moved to Riga.

At age 12, Lima first came on the scene, taking part in the contest of young singers in the house of culture Riga VEF factory. She received a diploma and began performing with the Big Band.

At the end of eight years of school Lyme enrolled in medical school.

At age 15, after passing a competition became a soloist of the Riga Radio and Television Orchestra under the direction of Raymond Pauls.

Since 1979 appeared in the famous variety show "Juras pearl" (in Latvian language (Lett. Jūras pērle) «Sea Pearl") in Jurmala. First sang in the dance band, then became a soloist variety show, which has been the artistic director Mark Gurman.

In 1984 he entered GITIS to the director's office. In addition to Western repertoire and some modern songs, accompanied by instrumental ensemble "Lima" started to execute the Latvian songs, in particular, R. Pauls "Verokoko" (in the Russian version of her singing V.Leontev - "Verooka").

Known singer noted songwriter Ilya Reznik. He invited her to record a new song on the radio "Night fire", the singer hit not only on the radio but also in the TV show "Song-86".

Then, in 1986, the Soviet-Italian concert of pop stars Lyme Vajkule performed with Valery Leontiev new song "Vernissage" (Pauls, Resnick).

By 1987, Lima Vajkule recorded another song by the same authors - "More is not over," offering his original interpretation.

In February 1987, the singer participated in the author's evening Pauls in the concert hall "Russia", after the television broadcast of the concert, she received all-union reputation.

Prize "Golden Lyre" at the international festival in Czechoslovakia ("Bratislava Lyre") in May of the same year for the song "Vernissage" secured the success of the singer.

Simultaneously with his studies at the Faculty of pop GITISa director began training a large solo program, which premiered in the concert hall "Russia" in early 1988 and which proved that the actress lyrical subject to specific, comic, grotesque imagery.

Lima - one of the organizers of the founding of the contest of young performers "Jurmala".

Recorded several successful music albums in Russia and Latvia, has sold over 20 million albums in Russia, Europe and the United States.

Repeatedly performed in the former Soviet Union, Europe, Japan and the United States.

Vajkule - a regular guest on the song contest "New Wave", as well as on radio and television, at a concert.

Is regularly invited to the jury of the festival KVN "Wailing KiViN", which is held annually in Jurmala.