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This singer and her unique voice remembering the first time. Corporate vocals, bright individuality, in a good provocative stage persona. It is different emotion. No one is indifferent - on stage undoubtedly artist! The talent, great creative capacity and energy Xan SERGIENKO say how many fans and leading music industry professionals. The charismatic singer and dramatic not only has a unique voice, but excellent sense of the scene and style. On his the works, she said: "Music - it's more than life!».

Ksana Sergienko was born in Myrhorod. The first public appearance of the future actress It held in kindergarten when she was only three years old, and later she became a soloist Urban children's collective "SPRING". After school receives most Ksana high passing score on the entrance examination in the Kiev pop-jazz college, It becomes his student. For several years she lived in the United States, where she worked as a singer in famous music clubs. Two years ago Ksana Sergienko passes qualifiers tours of two versions of the "Voice": the US and Russia. After weighing all the "pros" and "Against", the singer decides to go to Moscow.

As a result of the "blind" auditions, she gets into the team Bilan. Since the first broadcast bright performer noteworthy huge TV audience. Fan Clubs contestants in social networks instantly replenished by thousands of fans. Ksana with successfully held one after the other tests "Voices" and the semi-finals of the main vocal project of the country.

After the show opens a new page in the creative life of the singer - it begins cooperation with well-known Russian producer Vadim Kolchkovym. Obviously, in the scene has a new star, a pop-rock diva with character, recognizable style and style. Ksana becomes a party to a number of concerts and television broadcasts. And 29 April 2015 is at the stage of Crocus City Hall his first major solo program in Moscow, gathered a full house of his new fans. The first single, "Let go" and a clip on it for several months confidently takes lines in prestigious music charts. The song became the hallmark of the performer. In the fall of 2015 became Ksana participant of the most popular TV project of the First Channel "hair's breadth", which is the clear leader. Together with Sergey Penkin Ksana taking part in a large concert tour of Russia, as well as records in Sweden, their first joint duet on a song "Music". Currently Ksana Sergienko still actively touring work solo album and is preparing to continue to surprise their fans.