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Ohau, Ahau



The formation of the group was preceded by a strong friendship, time-tested, women's tricks and alcoholic trip. Bright young people managed to gain experience in other well-known projects, test their strength in different musical directions, to work on the largest markets of Russia and Ukraine, but it has failed to show the true sentiments and gave no open mortgaged potential. Having left unrealized manic energy, the musicians felt frustration, as if all this time have been out of place, as though nothing were playing ... Hard to say, it was an accident or a mystic, but the guys gathered in the summer of 2013 in Kiev. Feeling that they are on the same wavelength, they began an incredibly fruitful joint ventures. Everyone wanted one thing - to play music that would characterize each, without adhering to the annoying formats; show of music and texts all facets of human nature, to pick open up holes and blood habitual desires and feelings, which are so often embarrassed to talk people without the usual platitudes and hypocrisy, as well as improve the demographic situation in the country. But this history is silent ... Driven by the spirit of Jack on Halloween, the night of 31 October to 1 November 2013, the group was able to provide all something completely new, all-consuming - their first concert - marking the day of his birth. Currently Krugers ready to shoot new videos, working on the concert program and complete record of their debut album, which is scheduled to release in the spring of 2014!