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My "biography" in the vast expanses of the Internet great variety, from some right "angel" to such reading for which you want to bury almost alive person about whom it is written ... I do not condemn those who are about me , unaware of sleep and rest, scribbling, and perhaps continues to scribble "the truth and nothing but the truth," I decided that I would be if I was of myself all or almost all (some mystery under the laws of show business still must remain) will tell.

So, biography firsthand!

I'll start with age. I do not know why, but after came to me the first success, my songs are rotated on many radio stations, and I began to appear in a television broadcast, and a behind the scenes more and got the nickname "Princess Chanson" question: "And how many years this blonde? (by the way, genuine!) has become almost constantly exaggerated the internet.

Therefore, immediately reply is not 22, not 25, but not 35, but only or narrower, depending on my mood and circumstances ... And it means that I was born in 1983 on October 4 at the capital of the Republic of Belarus in Minsk , for which many thanks to my beloved mother and father - Tamara Voropai and Zbigniew Zbignevskomu.

The most vivid and unforgettable childhood I have associated with the summer, when I came to visit my great-grandmother to Mary and her grandmother in the village of Nina in Grodno region. Masha great-grandmother, God rest her soul, I am a child called "Dandelion", it really was like this gentle air flower! A grandmother Nina (mother's mother), I affectionately called "babusёk» ...

Grandmother I umnichka- their own hands and the help of God built a temple in the village! I often heard my babulechki with her friends - neighbors in the village - in the evening on the bench delayed Belarusian folk songs. They sang very well and mentally. I loved to sing them, but to sing the most, then in thought, this was not.

Oh, my favorite village on the banks of the Neman Careful! The water in these places as a tear in the river is clean and clear, so the fish found a lot: the chub and roach, pike and bream, chub and, in general, catch - do not want. I did not want to, because in the river I was most attracted by its steep banks and deep whirlpool. On summer days are hot, I loved the guys from the neighborhood, a run, dive right off the cliff into the depth of the water and swim a few tens of meters! Such was I crazy, and in fact, such a left. Today, with high pier into the sea or a ten-tower jump in the pool easily, and, not soldiers, and upside down!

To be honest, at school I did not want to learn. Most liked to play in the yard with the boys. My character was cocky, and in strength and agility, I was not inferior to boys, even happened, and fought with them. And with the girls I was bored. Neighbours warned my mother, "Look, Tamara, daughter of hooligan you can grow. You have to keep an eye it! "And the parents as best they could, kept me under supervision. Though somehow, I remember not doglyadeli, and went quite fun (with a height of present s) case. It was, apparently, in second class - I persuaded the boys to escape classmates from school and go to visit my grandmother who lived a few blocks from the school. My grandmother (father's mother) prepared in this day wonderful cakes! Wow, what a stir we had! We are looking for teachers, high school students, even the police! And at this time we was eating cakes for both cheeks. It has got to me then to the nuts over the pastry from mom and dad!

However, occasionally I taste it myself Pyrozhkov remind myself when on special inner desire begins in the morning on an old recipe to mix the dough and bake for close friends are the best pies! But I'm a little distracted.

So, until the fifth grade under the watchful eye of parents, I was not even an excellent student, but did not like to read books, but I liked to write poems; I hated music lessons, but the clock could listen to songs recorded on CDs and cassettes, liked going to concerts Alla Pugacheva, Luba Assumption, Dima Malikov, DDT, "Pesnyary", "Gems».

General knowledge, in spite of my "blonde" were given to me easily. And matriculation I only have three triples - algebra, physics and chemistry. But literature and music in my top five! And yet - on physical culture! I love for the sport instilled in me a mother, because I have it master of sports! At the time, he was even a member of the Belarus national team in volleyball! But I volleyball I am not particularly like, I like swimming, figure skating and gymnastics. Skating I got three years later my mother gave me in the section of swimming and martial arts! Therefore, the question "where to go after school," no longer relevant. I arrived in Minsk a sports university and five years later became successfully certified specialist in the field of tourism. But work on a specialty I did not want, and time was short. I did at that time was a married woman.

 In 2002 I was offered to participate in a beauty contest "Miss Belarus". At first I agreed, even passed all stages of selection of the candidates. But then I somehow got sick to get some kind of "mission". It is unclear why many media I attribute this to the title ... I, of course, it's flattering, perhaps it is good PR, but as my friends say, - "Princess is not necessary to be a winner of the beauty contests, and so when she" Princess! »

If you've read my "other biographies," you should know that I was in a serious accident - my great love for man (and his betrayal) and love for sports cars joined together in something that I can never explain, and - the result of: accident, several operations, coma, clinical death, the years spent in a wheelchair. All this explains the documentary shown recently on the channel TVC, "start again».

Therefore, I will not repeat. Let me just say that I have recovered, despite the disappointing forecasts doctors. I recovered thanks in part to my mother, Tamara Voropai - my main producer of life, which is his mother's love and self-sacrifice are literally forced me to stand up. When I got it the first time, I suddenly felt as though I splashed some, full of sunlight, wave and whose strong hand suddenly took me as a kitten by the scruff and dragged onto the stage to the microphone! I realized one thing, that only through the songs can convey to people that feel that survived and the songs that I will sing, I can help them to live a full and interesting life, despite all the vicissitudes of life.

And I sing! Good or worse - do not judge me. But once people listen to me, applaud me, then my songs need! When I was in October 2010 was the first time from his dressing room to the stage - at the international music festival "Slavic Bazaar" in Vitebsk - to sing his song "Until you said" before my eyes flew my whole life!

So many emotions I have not experienced up to this moment ever! A little later came to me to understand that the song - it's my life!

When I was growing up all the time dad affectionately called "Panochko", "Mrs.", "little queen", "Beauty". He told me that his ancestors were known in Poland and abroad people who were friends with the royal family and had various titles and awards. It may well be that in my veins flows the blue blood of my distant Polish ancestors. At least, it does not prevent me from loving attitude to the world. Also, I love to tinker at the stove to cook something delicious, about pies I have said, but about the fact that I was very good at cake "Napoleon", speak now. Yes, and some of the other dishes, be it an ordinary chicken noodles or steamed salmon, I cook is said to those who I had a chance to feed, "Yum" - thanks to the Pope, by the way - one of the best chefs in Belarus! I love beautiful people, beautiful cars, beautiful things! If I am not mistaken, Dostoevsky wrote that the understanding of beauty will save the world. I think that the world can save and beautiful, intelligent songs.

Unfortunately, I am at the time, I did not receive musical training. You are the one to blame. But as they say, it is never too late to learn, and I try to the best of opportunities to correct this situation. I like my job, and is ready to give all for the full program every day and every hour to everything I want to achieve on the professional stage, I got.

In addition to the teachers involved with me in the specialty, I am surrounded by talented, nationally famous composers and poets, such as Vyacheslav Dobrynin, Kim Breitburg Alexander Dobronravov Mikhail Shabrov Simon Osiashvili Karen Kavaleryan Evgeny Muravyov, who wrote a song for me, and I'm learning to understand music, poetry - creative learning as heavy, but excellent work.