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From early childhood, she was surrounded by creative, talented people. Her father - Mykolas Edmundas Orbakas - circus. Mother - "living legend" of the Soviet and Russian pop culture, Alla Pugacheva. From her famous mother Kristina inherited an absolute ear for music and love for singing, his father handed her plastic movements and artistry.

Little Christine studied in an English special school, and after school for several hours a day engaged in singing and playing the piano. In addition, visiting all the Bolshoi Theatre, she persuaded her mother to take the exam in a ballet school. Christine accepted unconditionally - Commission saw in the girl innate plasticity. Successfully having studied at the ballet school for a year, Christina decided to leave the class. However, the skills acquired in school later in handy for her participation in the ballet Alla Pugacheva "Recital", and then touring with another, equally famous ballet - "Todes". Christina first appeared on television as early as the age of seven - singing the song "Sun laughs" in the program "Merry notes." And in 1982 in the "Morning Post", she performed on stage with the song "Let Them Talk" (music by Igor Nikolayev), which was then recorded on the disc.

However, the love of the audience a future pop star began to conquer not on the pop scene in the movie. Director Rolan Bykov, otsmotrev thousands of Moscow schoolchildren to participate in the film "Scarecrow", was of the opinion that it will be possible to Christina the best way to portray the main character - pyatiklassnitsu that managed to fight for their independence and to defend the right to be what it is. Then it three and a half months spent filming in Tver, working alongside adults actors. "I started to earn a 11-year-olds - says Christina. - And then the taste for autonomy and independence. I lived and will live, because by nature - freedom-loving and independent person. "

In 1992 began a solo career of singer Christina Orbakayte. On "Christmas meetings" Alla Pugacheva, she performed the song "Let's Talk", words and music for which he wrote Igor Nikolaev. Then there were two clips - "Call Me," directed by Fyodor Bondarchuk and "Bitter hangover" George Gavrilov. Both compositions were included in the debut album Christina "Fidelity". It was followed by other albums: "0 hours 0 minutes", "You", "May". And a collection of "the woman who ...», «The best» and others. Paying most of his time stage, Christine had time to be interested and other interesting things. For example, continued to act in films, one after another, followed by roles in "Vivat, cadets!", "Midshipmen-3", "Charity Ball", "limit". Another real passion was the theater of Christina.

After studying at the faculty of the Russian Academy of Dramatic Art, she took part in the play "Monday after the miracle" after which won Russian Ministry of Culture Award for Best Actress. And then played in the theater's Yermolova "Mistress into Maid". In 1995, Christina founded the group "Scarecrow." This team of professional musicians and dancers, later renamed the group "Limit Extreme", stands with Christina and now. "Princess of Russian pop, her music is becoming more and more popular all over the world ..." - so submitted Christina His Highness Prince Albert at the World Music Awards «The World Music Awards» in Monte Carlo in May 2000, where Christina received an award as one of the most Russian popular singers. At various ceremonies Christina almost every year falls in the "Best Singer of the Year."

She has twelve albums released, hundreds of concert performances, shooting in the television series and movies (among the last works - the series "Moscow Saga," the romantic comedy "Love-carrot" and the historical pattern of "Conspiracy"). In her collection a place of honor thirteen statuettes "Golden Gramophone" awards for his roles in film and theater, bonuses awarded for a variety of achievements in the arts. May 21, 1991 at twenty Christina was born the first son - Nikita. Care of the family hearth at this time she managed to successfully combine with creativity.

A few years later there was another joyous and momentous event in the life of Christina - the birth of a second son Denis. "My mother taught me perseverance and determination, - she shares the secrets of parenting. - Therefore, my sons, I inspire the idea that hard work is rewarded handsomely. "In 2005, Christina married an American businessman of Russian origin Mikhail Zemtsova. March 30, 2012 Christine and Michael was born the daughter of Claudius.