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Born in the city of Osh (Kyrgyzstan). Father - Crimean Tatar, mother - Armenian. Her childhood was spent in the Crimea, in the village of Malorechenskoe near Alushta, where she and her family returned from the former site of the deportation of the Crimean Tatar people. Jamal start to play music from an early age. His first professional recording she made was 9 years old, playing in the studio 12 children and Crimean Tatar folk songs. After graduating from music school number 1 piano in his native Alushta, she enrolled at the Simferopol Music School. Tchaikovsky, and then - to the National Academy of Music. Tchaikovsky (Kiev) in the class of opera singing, which she graduated with honors. As the best graduate course, Jamal was planning to devote himself to classical music and to go to work soloist of the famous Milan opera La Scala, but a serious passion for jazz and experiments with soul and oriental music changed her plans, defining the direction of future career.

On the big stage for the first time Jamal performed in fifteen. Over the next few years, she has taken part in dozens of vocal competitions in Ukraine, Russia and Europe and has received a number of prestigious awards, including at the international competition "1st European competition" Friends of Music "" (ital.1 Concorso Europeo Amici della musica ) in Italy. After performing at the jazz festival of young performers DO # Dj junior in 2006, where she received a special award, the famous choreographer Elena Kolyadenko priglasila her to perform the lead role in the multi-genre musical "Pa". This role has become an important step in a creative way Jamala.

The turning point in her career was the performance at the international competition of young singers "New Wave" in the summer of 2009. Contrary to the chief director of the competition "Curiosities" member, it not only took place in the final, and won the Grand Prix, sharing first place with the Indonesian performer.

With his victory in Jurmala Jamal moved into the category of top performers, speaking on a variety of platforms from Moscow to Berlin. In Kiev, are two big solo concert Jamala The Revue Show, during which the singer shows the full range of their vocal abilities and a variety of musical material. Within a few months she is involved in virtually every major television show in Ukraine, starting with the award "Triumph-2009" and the One Night Only (Michael Jackson tribute Ukrainian top artists) to "Christmas meetings of Alla Pugacheva." Cosmopolitan magazine calls it "Discovery of the Year", she gets ELLE Style Award in the category "Singer of the Year" and the award "Person of the Year 2009" in nomination "The Idol of Ukrainians." Despite the busy schedule of touring, Jamal continues to classical music. In the summer of 2009 she sang the title role in the opera by Maurice Ravel "Spanish Hour", and in February 2010, took part in opera productions Basil Barkhatova based on James Bond, where her performance said the famous British actor Jude Law.