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Jah Khalib


Kazakhstan singer of Azeri origin Bakhtiyar Mammadov, aka Jah Khalib.  

"My main goal is to give people emotions music"

  At the moment the singer lives, and is active in the city of Almaty. The singer took the pseudonym «Jah Khalib» or, as he says Mamedov, just Bach. Jah Khalib - a talented singer and songwriter, one of the best beatmaker and Kazakh producers of hip-hop. In his luggage he has many recordings, the most famous of them are "Your sleepy eyes," "Sex, Drugs," "Burning ashes", "You are to me" and others. Try their different musical directions in music appreciates creativity and sincerity. He worked with many rap artists of Kazakhstan as a beatmaker and sound producer. According to fans of Jah Khalib-well, his best song is "Sex and drugs." It is thanks to this song in a short time in his career Jah Khalib gained great popularity.

  His songs are very popular in Russia.