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In the childhood was fond of dancing, she has become one of the soloists of Novosibirsk ended the show-ballet TODES. The ability to sing discovered her much later, by chance, he found himself in the company of professional musicians. Received Novosibirsk State Theatre Institute at the Faculty of Dramatic actor of theater and cinema, at the same time began to write poetry and play music. The first concert took place in 18 years, in the cult Novosibirsk institution Stray Dog. Recognized among friends and acquaintances, Vicky decided to go further by developing their vocal abilities. She has performed in various genres on the main stage of Novosibirsk, successfully combining university studies with the desire to be realized as a singer. During his studies starred in the title role of the film, I rehearsed program of future concerts and personally sewed costumes for performances. After graduating, she moved to Moscow in search of new perspectives. To 23 years to realize that as an actress does not get the desired result, but the desire for a scene not faded - Vick started looking for musicians in their own cover band. Serving bars, restaurants, alternating hits of foreign performers with their own songs, and finding a response among viewers organized the first recital in February '15, where he was spotted by a music producer.