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The group was formed in 1999. The original name of the band was "Black and White". The group consisted of Tatyana Bondarenko (under the pseudonym of Malta) and Alexey Kutuzov. Tatiana wrote the lyrics and music, and Alex was responsible for sound-producing and arranging the songs. In the period from 2002 to 2006, the team wrote a few songs and began to collaborate with DJ DIP project. In particular, in 2002, it was written the song "Where are you", but popular at the time did not receive.

In 2006 the group changed its name to the modern and released the album "Once and for all" on the label "Monolith". The album turned out to be unsuccessful and the group broke off relations with the label.

In 2007, the team signed a new contract with the «Gala Records». In the middle of the year produced single, "Where are you", the new treatment. The song became a successful radio hit in Russia, held out 4 weeks at the top of the Russian radio charts.

Following single out self-titled album. The album was a moderate success and has sold 22,000 copies in the first month of sales. According to general manager of «Gala Records», Sergey Baldin, the group has been successful in the field of digital music. According to him, since the release of the song "Where are you", the band has sold more than 1 million digital singles, while it sold 60,000 copies of their debut album. As a result, the album was certified gold in Russia.

Oct. 31, 2008 in the rotation starts the second single from the album, "I'm not afraid." The song reached number 33 position in the radio charts. In the same year the group receives the award "Golden Gramophone" for the song "Where are you" and becomes the nominee «RMA» channel MTV, in a nomination «Dance».

May 25, 2009 the band released in airplay song "Tears of-water". The composition has been released as a single, pre-second album and took place 13 Russian radio charts. The single received a gold record and sold over 100,000 copies (as the ring-back tone). In June, the ceremony of Muz-TV, which the group was represented in a nomination for "Duo of the Year". November 27 release of the new single pass "dreaming." The song reached the 3rd place in the radio charts and number one on the hit parade of the Golden Gramophone. In 2010, the group received the award "Golden Gramophone" (St. Petersburg) for the song "dreaming." In 2010, the song is also ranked 10th in the chart of the ring-back tone Russia in the 2nd quarter (April - June) 2010.

It turns out a new album, "I want." The disc reached number 12 on the album chart positions Russia.

July 21, 2011 a new single group Infinity - "You're my hero." At the national music portal "Red Star" single took 2nd place at the end of April 2012 in the sales charts, and successfully sold both as a ring-back tone, taking 1st place in the sales charts in Russia and the Baltic States at the end of April 2012. In the first half of 2012. The single reached number 1 in the sales charts the ring-back tone in Russia and 2nd place in the same chart in the Baltic States. July 21, 2011 the group goes out and a new video for the song "Let them," a YouTube video watched by more than 4 million people. October 16, 2011 there is a new song "I miss you", which in 2012 became a new single group, on December 14 the video "You're my hero».

In the first half of 2012, the band released two new songs: "Other" and "And he is." August 14, 2012 in radiorotation entered a new single, "I miss you", and on 5 September, the premiere of a video clip on it. The site of the Internet project Moskva.FM single listened to more than 3 million people. At the national music portal "Red Star" single took 2nd place at the end of November 2012 in the sales charts and 4th at the end of December 2012 Consolidated chart. The sales chart Rin-back tones in Russia for the first half of 2013 hit single in the top 10.

In December 2012 Infiniti released a new single, "Gently", April 11, 2013 the presentation of a video clip. In the video, lead singer Tanya appeared in space image of the girl from the future. June 13, 2013 produced the track "Just for you." October 28, the premiere of the video "And he is."

In 2014, the group plans to release a third studio album.

July 14, 2014 the network got a new song group called "My happiness».

October 8, 2014, the premiere of a song and video called "Wings".