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The thing here is not that Hermes'Brothers is actually one of the few real domestic supergroups (the composition includes ex-musicians of "Brigade S", "Untouchables", "Dynamics", "Mary" and others). Not in the texts signed by the names of Polozkova and Bykov. And not even in the mystical personality of the frontman Hermes Zaygott. It's just a new music, one that the domestic music critic and listener have not encountered yet.
In their concert shows, Hermes`Brothers use a large number of ethnic instruments, and their music belongs to the avant-garde style urban-intelligent punk, which has incorporated the tools of world music of the last fifty years: reggae, jazz, lounge, dub, art rock, indie, trip- Hop and word. Behind the musical component lies the text that is not inferior to it in force: the songs of the group are poems about love written by the greatest poets of several world languages: from Byron to Gumilyov, from Garcia Lorca to Brodsky. The
The orchestra is headed by Hermes Zaigott - a performance man, musician and artist, whose works are presented in many foreign and Russian private collections. For several years he lived in Los Angeles, doing experiments with sound, staged Monteverdi's opera at the Parisian Chatelet Theater, did video installations at the 53rd Venice Biennale. In 2017, Zaygott will participate in the performance of Italian artist Sara Revoltella in the framework of the 57th Venice Biennale. Solo musical performances of Hermes took place in the Hermitage, the Tretyakov Gallery, the Marta Harford Museum in Germany and many other cultural spaces around the world.
At the beginning of zero Hermes stood at the origins of the association Gazgolder, as a sound producer and producer collaborated with the theater "Practice" and the project "Platform" Cyril Serebrennikov, starred in the film "Generation P". As part of various projects, he toured extensively throughout Europe, appeared on the same stage with Basta and Zhanna Aguzarova, Bogdan Titomir and Oleg Garkusha, as well as "Splin" and "Bi-2" bands at a concert in the "Olympic".