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His first track "Chinese Wall" Gough wrote in 19 years. This track was recorded in collaboration with Roma (aka Marlin), which Gough was in a group of University of Moscow State Pedagogical University named. Lenin, and was first performed on the radio "2000". Then Guf`a have been a creative break, which lasted 2 years.

Gufan have two higher educations: economic and linguistic (Chinese). In 90 years with his parents, he lived for several years in China and has had time to learn in the Chinese university. In the hip-hop world is Guf came in 2000 in the group «Rolex-x», whose name comes from the names of the project participants: Roma and Leschi. It was after the participation in the composition of Group Guf becomes known as the Rolex-X.

Guf often in Rostov, so well acquainted with a group of castes. One of the participants on behalf of the Caste Shym wrote the music for the track Guf "New Year", and the Guf participated in the filming of the song Caste "We take it to the streets." Since 2002 Guf began work on his debut album. Many of the early songs Gufan devoted to his past life, and it is these songs became his "calling card" in the rap community to form a new specific style. Guf used drugs, as he talked about it, but now completely abandoned them. In the same year with the song "Wedding" begins its collaboration with Slim'om, which at the moment is member of the "smoke screen».

The creative life Gufan is another colorful character - his grandmother, Tamara K., known to fans as the creativity Guf'a Original Ba two Xs. The whole country learned from the track "Gossip" that she reads the newspaper "Life". The song "Original Ba" tells the story of their relationship, about her character. In the same year the company Ren-TV for a documentary «DRUG USERS (narkopolzovateli)" from "Project" Reflection "," clip was shot at least a popular song - "Christmas." In April 2007 the album "City roads". Guf records a duet with rapper Rostov Basten - a song called "My Game". In addition, the actor begins active concert. October 25, 2007 released the album "Swing" band Centr, and a year later, October 22, 2008, they released their second album "Ether normal" group Centr, a party which was the Guf. Also in October 2008 Guf married a girl named Isa.

In 2009, he decided to leave the band Centr. He clearly stated this in an interview. Also in the year 2009 sounded one of the characters in the animated film '' Nine ''.

At the end of 2009, namely on December 1, Gough released his second solo album, "Home", which won first place in the voting in 2009 among readers Rep.ru.

May 5, 2010 at Gufan son. Young parents named the baby themselves.

November 18, 2010 launch of a joint album Guf and Basta, which has no name.

November 1st Alex released his third solo album called "Himself" and puts it as a free download on Rap.ru.