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"Fly!" - a modern rock band with a charming vocalist Polina Novikova, who collected a dream team and united talented musicians from different cities of Russia.

  She started her career in the cinema, where she managed to record the "You loose your way" soundtrack for the movie "To the Children under 16", the title track to the series "Such an ordinary life" and star in the movie "The Language of the Branches".  

And in 2013, the final composition of the team was formed: guitarist Sergei Roshchupkin, Anna Nosachova - keyboards, bass player Semyon Lepeshkin and drums Dmitry Lobanov. The cult club "16 tons" became the runway for the band, in this legendary place the guys played their first concert.  

In the summer of 2015, the musicians released their debut mini-album, consisting of six songs. Work on the EP took place at the studio of the group "Fly!", And the mixing of the tracks was done by Vladimir Ovchinnikov, known for his work with Zemfira, the bands "Mumiy Troll" and "Semantic Hallucinations".  

The creative way of the group "Fly!" Constantly connects musicians with cult figures. Since the production of musicians since 2016, Alexander Ponomarev is engaged, thanks to him the rock scene recognized the bands "Splin" and "Bi-2", the sound producer was Yuri Usachev, whose corporate style can be recognized from the first notes, and the famous poet and composer Alexander Shevchenko.

The new chapter for the group "Fly!" Began with the release of a video for the song "The Fool", which immediately took on the leading music channels: RU TV, MUS-TV, Music Box and others. The well-known movie director Victor Vilks, showed a young group "Fly!" In the hooligan roadmusic, shooting which took place in the Volgograd steppes. Polina Novikova, a soloist of the "Fly!" Group, during the filming showed miracles of extreme driving and appeared in a new, candid image.

In 2017, the group "Fly!" Released a new lyrical composition "Where there is no you". The track is already in the rotation of Avtoradio, and soon it is planned on other radio stations. In June, the premiere of the video for the song "Where You Are Not There", directed by the legendary Victor Vilks. Over a week, the clip gained more than 200,000 views on YouTube.