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Georgy Ivashchenko


10 class finished school at all "five", but the last academic year George worked in a well-known fast food chain, which caused dissatisfaction among teachers and as a result has received several "fours" in the certificate.

After school Ivashchenko trying to determine their future profession as friends did not tell him about the casting in the most popular musical project of "American Idol." All the summer of 2007 were agonizing selection that aspiring singer has overcome easily. So George Ivashchenko was among the participants of the reality show under the guidance of eminent composer - Konstantin Meladze. Held out half of the season in the First Channel, the singer went to the finalists in the tour in Russia and abroad. All year "manufacturers" traveled through the villages and towns, collecting on its way sold out! In parallel, George participated in the filming of the federal channels ("Test purchase", "wall to wall", "big difference" et al.). After the tour was made a mutual decision to terminate the cooperation Ivashchenko Meladze. Although there is still a producer and singer have a good relationship. A few months George worked as a leading company in the "L'Etoile". From that moment actor began to try himself as a showman. At the same time the guy starts active in music journalism. Place of work was the TV channel Muz-TV.

In 2010, at the insistence of my mother - Lubov - Egor (reduced. By George) entered the acting department of the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts of the correspondence department. In 2012, TV presenter Artem Shalimov George tries his hand as a co-producer and founder of the duo "Frikbutik." The guys took off one clip with Mrs. Alisa Krylova World. In this shocking team decided to stay. In 2014 George became a member of the team channel Ruthven.

Now Ivashchenko is the editor and leader of two projects: "Top" and "Human Resources". By 2015, left Egor accumulated a lot of original songs that the singer decided to give life. So it was decided to resume his musical career. Inspiration and muse Ivashchenko became king of pop scene - Philip. Philip Bedrosovich appreciated the song written in his honor, and even agreed to take a small part in the first solo work Ivashchenko. In March 2015 inspired support Kirkorov eccentric takes first solo video, and this marked his return to the world of show business.