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November 1985 - the first video in the "Shire Krug" with the song "Alyosha" in Bulgarian. The program "Shire Krug" Kirkorov director noticed blue fire SI Anapolskiy and asked him to withdraw. Manual "Spark" in the shooting refused, arguing, "It's too beautiful." Anapolskiy writes editor in chief of one statement that if she was not allowed to shoot in the "Ogonyok" F. Kirkorov, it will shoot this transfer will not. And the second statement, that if she did not withdraw "Spark", then she asks to release her from work.

1987 - invited to work on the "Leningrad Music Hall" under the direction of J. Rachlin, overseas tour in Berlin at the world-famous show theater "Friedrichstadtpalast". After retiring from the music hall, Philippe met songwriter I. Reznik, who became one of the first professionals to assist him.

April 1988 - the first meeting A.Pugachёvoy and F. Kirkorov at the opening I. Reznik. In October 1988, Philippe received an invitation from her to take part in the first "Christmas meetings". By the time he graduated from college Kirkorov Gnesin, successfully performed in Yalta at the first competition of his life, he made the first video for the song "Carmen" and held in Mongolia free concerts in Soviet military units.

In preparation for the "Christmas meetings" there was a meeting with the singer poet L. Derbenyov, who later wrote for Kirkorov's song became a hit, "You, you, you," "Heaven and Earth", "Atlantis", "day and night" and a lot others.

1989 - touring as a partner A. Pugacheva in Australia and Germany, the first solo tour in Perm. In the same year Kirkorov first time reached the final of the festival "Song of the Year."

End of 1989 - Kirkorov left "Theater of Alla Pugacheva" and began an active concert career.

1990 - Grand Prix of the competition "Schlager-90" in Leningrad with the song "Heaven and earth."

1992 - The video for the song composer Alexander Lukyanov "Atlantis" recognized as the best video of the year. The singer went solo two programs - "Heaven and Earth" and "Atlantis"; The latter was subsequently recognized as the best show of the year. During these years, the first Kirkorov tour to the United States, Canada, Germany and Israel.

1993 - Prize "Ovation" in the nomination "Best singer of the year" and the award of the international contest "Golden Orpheus". At the same time we held a successful tour in Australia.

1994 - out solo program "I am not Raphael", the main part of which became hits from the repertoire of E. Humperdinck, T. Jones, F. Sinatra Anky P. and E. Presley. Recording the song "I raise my glass." In November 1994, Kirkorov and Pugacheva held a joint grand concert in Atlantic City, the largest casino in America "Taj Mahal", and in May of the following year made a joint concert tour of Israel. I participated in the "Rush Hour" with V.Listevym July 18, 1994 and A. Rasbash 20 February 1997, together with A. Pugacheva.

In 1995, Kirkorov got 2 more Award "Ovation" - "For the best program" and "Best Singer" took videoclips 3 hits - "Ptashechka", "Look, what summer" and "Sweetheart." Suddenly, a week before the international contest "Eurovision" in Dublin, Philip learned that he will represent Russia at the contest; She took him to a 17th place with the song "Lullaby for volcano." He participated in the program Valdis Pelsh "Name That Tune" with Igor Nikolayev and lime Vajkule.

End of 1995 - out double CD "Tell the sun:" Yes! "" Via "Polygram". The album coincided with the premiere of the "The best, favorite and only for you" at the State Theater stage, which then was a success across the country. 1996 - World Music Award (World Music Awards) in Monte Carlo for a record circulation among Russian artists (2 million sound carriers). He participated in the second round of the New Year issue of Capital show "Field of Miracles" with T. Bulanova in the final with L. Dolina and Nikolai Fomenko. There was a guest in the "Subject" with D. Mendeleev.

1997 - The world tour "The best, favorite and only for you!" In 100 cities of Russia, CIS and foreign countries, who completed the project "Only a month, and just for you!" - A series of daily concerts in the "Oktyabrsky Concert Hall" (St. Petersburg). He participated in one of the editions of the "attic Fruttis."

1999 - new program, "Oh, mother, chic ladies!", Where the leitmotif are temperamental oriental melodies.

May 5, 1999 Award World Music Awards in Monte Carlo in 1998, after which Kirkorov went to the big tour through Germany. In June 1999, at the invitation of Michael Jackson he represented Russia in the charitable program «Michael Jackson and Friends. What more can I give ».

In 2001 came the only Spanish-language album Kirkorov Magico Amor, recorded in the studio Azteca Records (Los Angeles) and released in Mexico. The artist planned to release another Spanish album, Sueno d'Amor, but for various reasons this did not happen, although the songs have already been recorded (Granada, Ptashechka Marina, Oh mom chic ladies and only in Spanish).