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Magic Hours

Eugene Hmara


Eugene Khmara - virtuoso pianist whose music is capable of performing miracles. The owner of the Hollywood Award finalist and improvisers show "Ukraine Got Talent". Ukrainian pianist and composer born March 10, 1988 in the beautiful city of Kiev.

The turning line in the works of Eugene became acquainted with the famous musician from France - Didier Maruani. And in 2001, Didier invites him to speak with him on stage at the festival "Tavria Games". After this triumph Khmara Yevgeny performs with Didier on the main stage of the country: "Palace of Ukraine" NSK "Olympic", the main square in Dnepropetrovsk, as well as in the "Kremlin Palace" in Moscow.

In 2004, his musical career began to grow. Khmara Yevgeny starts to work with such stars as Oleg Violin, Konstantin Meladze, Valery, Sonique (France), Barbara Tucker (USA).

  Through participation in the TV-show "Ukraine Got Talent", the whole country heard the amazing song "Fairy Tale", "Magic Hours" and "Depth". Soon after the debut album "Fairy Tale", which sold thousands of copies worldwide.

  At the end of April 2015 it held a nationwide tour, accompanied by a symphony orchestra program PIANO vs DUBSTEP. Eugene presented a completely new direction of development of Ukrainian music, joining in the program sound of classical instruments and electronic bass dubstep.