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In the 3 years Elena has been a soloist with the children's collective "Firefly" Regional House of Culture. In 4 years the young singer was admitted to a preparatory music school, becoming the youngest student. At the age of 9 years, Elena suffered a serious illness: after swimming in a local pond got infected 9 infectious diseases.

Unsuccessful treatment at a local hospital does not work - the doctors gave up. Two weeks later, Elena fell into a coma. To save the child needed emergency transportation in Krasnodar, 200 kilometers from the village of Kushchevskaya. Tote girl in serious condition could only by helicopter. But the helicopter did not arrive, and the parents have taken the daughter unconscious vblizlezhaschy regional center - Rostov-on-Don.

After two weeks of treatment Elina recovered. During his illness the girl lost weight up to 18 kilograms. In 2004, Elena went on its first international children's competition in Anapa, where she took the II place. During the festival "Song of the Year" at the Children's Center "Eaglet" Angelina Vovk promised that will follow the creative development of the young singer. A year Vovk Elin invited to participate in a concert in Moscow, dedicated to the City Day.

Participating in selected rounds of children's "Eurovision", Elina reached the semifinals. In 2007 she graduated from music school and entered the jazz department at Rostov State College of Arts. Entrance examinations were already under way, and a set of students was closed, but Elin took: Dean recognized her as the winner of a major international competition, held in Rostov. In 2008, Elena became the first prize winner of the international competition in Italy. In the same year she became the winner of the international competition "On the high waves" in Sochi, the winner of the TV contest "Look at me" (Teen TV) and "Sounds of Schools" in Minsk, where she performed the author's song "Dream".
< br> At 17, Elina took an independent decision to move to Moscow. Upon arrival Elina came right at the III course at Moscow State Musical College of Variety and Jazz Art. During this period, Elina dabbled in a number of TV singing competitions: "Factor-A", "New Wave", "Voice" on the First Channel. In the qualifying stages of the first season of "The Voice" in 2012, Elina come with confidence in their abilities and a good vocal experience. But before the "blind audition" standing behind the scenes Elina overtook another disappointment - declared the end of the screening tests, the jury gained members in the team.

Contest organizers have promised to invite 20 participants who were not lucky last time, to "blind listening" in the second season of the show "The Voice". Successfully passing the qualifying rounds, Elina got the team to Leonid Agutin. Together with the teacher Elina Chaga prepared for the spectators, "Voices" vivid and memorable numbers, reaching the semi-finals of the project. After the project Elina signed a contract with producer center Leonid Agutin, recorded 8 songs, took the debut video "Tea with sea-buckthorn".