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Elena Sever was born April 29, 1973 in Leningrad, now - St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg in the family of intellectuals. This is her favorite city. It makes her very warm and pleasant feeling. Mom and Dad were in the same institute. Then we worked together at the Research Institute of Electrophysical Apparatus. Mom economist and father - the director of the research center. They are together and happy marriage.

Helena Maiden Name - Severgina. Classmates called her North. And the nickname stayed with her from school years to this day.

Elena studied in an English special school, took an active part in the social life of the collective, is on the board squads, as a sign of group. She graduated from high school with a medal.

As a child, Helen was quite usual cheerful and happy child. Parents tried to develop her creative and athletic ability. Her day had already been painted on the clock. At the same time studying at the School of Music in piano with pleasure I was engaged in choreography. Elena wanted to be a ballerina, but I realized that it is impossible to combine study in an English special school and ballet. Another fad began and calisthenics. The sport still allows her to keep yourself in shape. Another one of the brightest memories of school years has become an incentive grant - a trip to the United States under the international program "Children of the World". The program included a visit to the White House and.

The next stage in the life of Helena - admission to the Financial and Economic Institute, now the University of Economics and Finance. In 1995 she graduated from college with a degree in "Finance and Credit." In dreams Elena dreamed to become a major financier, so classes were held at the University of fun for her, and she was busy with this completely. In 1992, the dance group, which was engaged in Helena, was invited to perform in the Concert Hall "October" at the festival "White Nights". So they were behind the scenes of this event. Elena could not even dream this evening that goes to meet his fate! It was at this event she met with Vladimir Kiselev - known producer and promoter. This meeting is completely turned her future life! She had to postpone the realization of a dream - to become a financier, and plunge into the vivid world of show business.

In full, this alluring world opened to her when she took part in the organization of the International Festival "White Nights" in St. Petersburg, met and made friends with many famous athletes, musicians, politicians. During these years, Elena and Vladimir Kiselev visited the ceremonies of the International Prize "Grammy", "Oscar», MTV-Ovation, Los Angeles. She participated in the preparation of contracts with the musicians, who were brought on tour Vladimir Kiselev. Then they met and still are friends with Julio Iglesias, Jose Carreras, Sophia Loren, Boris Becker, John Makenroem, David Coverdale, Claudia Schiffer, Steven Seagal and many others.

Elena is familiar with the world of show business, as has been actively involved in the organization of activities such as: fashion with the participation of world-famous models such as Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, Eva Herzigova, Cindy Crawford;

Tennis - "Cup of Peter." It was attended by B. Borg (Sweden), J. Connors, McEnroe D. (USA), Lloyd (England), I. Nastase (Romania), and others;

NBA star match with Moses Malone, Clyde Drexler, Craig Ilo, Chris Morris (USA) and others; concerts with singers and musicians Julio Iglesias, Ringo Starr, Chris Rea, Madonna, legendary rock - groups "DeepPurplea", "Slade", "Tirex", "Mungo Jerry", "Smokey", "Enimals", "Nazareth" "Proculus Harm" and other world stars;

classical music concerts, including a concert of Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo speech on Red Square; Grand concert at Vasilyevsky Spusk in Moscow was held in the framework of the Summit Group of Eight, held at that time in St. Petersburg. It was attended by such well-known Russian and foreign performers - as the "Scorpions", Craig David, the band "Lordi", "Tea-F", the group "Tokyo", Ken Hensley of «UriahHeep», rapper Ja Rule, his compatriot Christina Milian Liz MakLernon - former member of the popular British trio AtomicKitten, rapper MC Hammer ...

In 1997, Elena and Vladimir was born the eldest son. He was named in honor of Yuri very close friends - Elena's father and brother Vladimir Kiselyov. Elena loves children and always dreamed that it will be many. Second son they named in honor of her husband - Vladimir. Unfortunately, children are often sick, and Elena had to go to different hospitals, where it is faced with real difficulties that exist in medicine. It is deeply agitated problems hospitals - not all parents can afford expensive, but a necessary treatment for their children. It later determined the direction of its activities.

Elena herself would prefer to educate children. According to family tradition, the children from four years old began to learn to play the piano, flute, began to explore the basics of vocal skills.

In 2003, Helen and his family moved to Moscow, the children went to school, and she had the opportunity to be creative and self-education. At home with the children, they often arrange family concerts, sometimes we wrote the script, came up with the scenery, pick up the music, directed the staging performances home.

Elena believes that children from an early age should be taught compassion and reaching out to others. Today, her sons are involved with it in charity events. Her opinion is: "If we raise a new generation with a good heart, with an open mind, of course, and the world will be different ...»

At the same time, Elena began to take shape, and creative activity. Since 2002, she started acting in music videos.

Since 2006, it has become the leading event organized by Vladimir Kiselev in the Kremlin Palace "Luzhniki" in Gostiny Dvor, at the Bolshoi Theatre in the Theatre of the Russian Army, the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg, in the Concert Hall "Oktyabrsky».

Elena went on French language courses, graduate courses in art, studied singing, she took acting classes.

In 2011, she was lucky: at the suggestion of G. Depardieu, she starred in a cameo role in the movie "Rasputin" by director Jose Dayan. Partners of the film were Filipp Yankovsky, Irina Alferov, whom she remembers with great warmth for support.

Elena worked as an interviewer at all events organized by Vladimir Kiselyov, interviewed such world stars as the "Scorpions", Craig David, the band "Lordi", Ken Hensley of UriahHeep, Ja Rule, Christina Milian, Liz MakLernon, from rapper MC Hammer. Helena answered questions Ricardo Foli, Bulgarian singers - Biser Kirov and Lili Ivanova, singers and musicians of "KindemKam" Cesaria Evora, F. Coppola, S.Sigala. And, of course, the Russian star - Lyudmila Gurchenko, Valeria, Zh.Friske, Alsu, the group "A-Studio" and many others.

Elena made ideological organizer of charitable projects in Moscow and St. Petersburg, becoming a patron of the charity fund "Federation».

Without the efforts made by Vladimir Kiselyov, to help his wife to realize her dream to hospitals fund "Federation" would not exist.

Without a patron of Helen North would not be so emotional warmth, concern and cordiality in the activities established foundation. Without such confidence tandem family would not have been such a large-scale and efficient operation of the charity fund "Federation».

In December 2010, at the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg hosted a presentation of the fund "Federation" and a concert in support of Russia in the fight against childhood cancer and eye diseases. To support the event came Sharon Stone, Kevin Costner, Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel, Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, G. Depardieu, Paul Anka, Patrick Hellman, Alain Delon, Mickey Rourke. All are known for their active charity activities.

Elena eternally grateful to VV Putin for what he has visited and supported the event. A complete surprise to all those present was his play on the piano, as well as the execution of their songs in English, together with well-known musicians ...

During the first year of operation the fund organized and hosted by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Government of Moscow, a number of activities:

In May 2011, at the Bolshoi met the gifted children from disadvantaged families with well-known figures of the Russian culture.

In June 2011, at the Theatre of the Russian Army was a concert of children "memorial day" for the veterans of the Great Patriotic War. Along with this concert Helen led the eldest son of Yuri ...

In July 2011, Elena becomes the organizer and host of the International Festival of Youth Music Culture "White Nights of St. Petersburg", which was held at the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg. The festival was attended by such international stars as the group «BLOOD, CWEAT & TEARS», Glen Hughes, Kevin Costner, Woody Allen, Thomas Anders, Macy Gray and others. The leading festival were Elena and Anton North Komolov.

In July 2011, on the initiative of Fund "Federation" in Moscow on the Sparrow Hills held a huge event in support of Russia's efforts to combat child from serious illnesses. Leading the event was Elena North, Peter Chernyshov Andrey Malakhov. The event was supported by, the world's greatest stars Sophia Loren, Isabella Rossellini, Francis Ford Coppola, Woody Allen and Kevin Costner, the best tenors Jose Carreras and Andrea Bocelli, Hollywood film stars Andy Garcia and Steven Seagal, Orlando Bloom, Chris Noth, Dionne Warwick, Carole Bouquet and many others. Only during the first year of the Fund "Federation" has provided charitable assistance to 11 children's hospitals in the amount of over $ 10 million!

29, 30 - March and 1 April 2012 a major charity auction fund "Federation". At the auction were exhibited guitar Kevin Costner, with whom he performed at a charity concert of the fund in July 2011. Clarinet Woody Allen's book Larry King with his autograph, as well as lots of Thomas Anders, Jose Carreras, Sophia Loren, Julio Iglesias, and others. The event led to the son of Helen North Yuri and Igor Wernick. At the end of the auction, as well as thanks to the generosity of benefactors, who felt it necessary to preserve the anonymity of their contributions was raised over a million dollars ...

  July 5 in St. Petersburg held a regular auction of the Fund "Federation", the festival "White Nights". It collected 15 million. Rubles. There were exhibited: Ipad Paula Abdul, ring Liz Mitchell, Isabelle Adjani ring, watch Craig David and other INGOs.

To attract the world's attention to the problems of seriously ill children, to participate in the activities and speak in support of the charity fund "Federation" came well-known representatives of culture and art: Michael BOLTON, Paula ABDUL, Natalie Imbruglia, Simple Minds, David HASSELHOFF, Spandau Ballet, and a group of "Earthlings ".  

6, 7 and 8 July 2012 at the Ice Palace, hosted the largest in Eastern Europe and Russia, the International Music Festival "White Nights of St. Petersburg».

The festival has included:
contest of young performers, performances of world-class foreign stars, charity programs and social projects. Among the guests of honor: Michael BOLTON, Paula ABDUL, ANASTACIA, MIKA, Simple Minds, David HASSELHOFF, Spandau Ballet, and many others. Leading the event were Helen North, Andrei Malakhov, Yuri Kiselev and Alexei Vorobyov.

Today Elena enjoys tennis, yoga, swimming and singing. She recorded two songs - "Dreams" and "Men." Elena is also leading to the transfer of "Family Happiness" on TV "Family" and «High life» on Fashion TV. Family honors Orthodox tradition, the weekend trying to go to church. My favorite temple children - Nicholas Cathedral in St. Petersburg, where the confession from his spiritual father.