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Elena Borscheva


Parents Elena met as students in Moscow. Her mother, Tatyana Vitalevna Borshev, studied at the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy, and his father, Panamanian Julio Santa Maria Guerra, he studied at the People's Friendship University. The couple soon broke up, Julio went to Panama and Tatiana returned home to Nalchik, where the April 11, 1981 her daughter, Elena.

In 1998, after graduation entered the Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University, the Faculty of Spanish and English. At age 18 his father sought through the Embassy of Panama. In 1999 she made her debut in the part of the university KVN team "Brothers Bernardazzi." Since 2000, he played for the team "The team of Pyatigorsk", which later became the champion of Major League KVN, the owner of the Summer Cup of KVN and other awards. Elena stood out for its non-standard appearance and high growth - 181 cm. KVN itself invented jokes and rooms. In 2003, she graduated from the University, "linguist. Teacher of Spanish and English. " About a year worked as a specialist in foreign economic relations. In 2005, she married. Then, together with her husband moved to Moscow.

Since 2008, at the invitation of Natalya Natalya Andreevna he took part in the project «Comedy Woman» on TNT. She took the stage name Helen Hulevna Santa Maria Guerra - on behalf of his father. In May 2012, after the expiry of the contract left the show «Comedy Woman» and decided to pursue solo projects. Elena was the lead author's master class "How to develop a sense of humor." Organized culinary and humorous show "Cook-ha" that takes place in Moscow restaurants. Conducts various corporate events.

She has participated in several television programs: "Taxi" and "Eat and grow thin" on TNT; "Let them talk," "Fort Boyard", "big difference" on the First Channel; "Good jokes", "Thank God you came!", "Stories in the details," "This is my baby ?!", "big question" at the CTC.

In September 2014 came the clip for the song Elena "Casting».