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Born on March 11, 1985 in Murmansk. As a child with my family moved to Nikolaev (Ukrainian SSR).
Pornkokieru began at the end of 2003 with the studio Sinsational / Sineplex, oriented to the Western audience. The first works - films of the series "Brittney's Perversions" with Britney Sky, who is the director of the series. The most famous on the Russian market was the film "House 2 or how to make love with Elena Berkova" (2004, SP Company).
In 2004, Berkova came to her sister in St. Petersburg from Nikolaev. I worked in webcam studio. 56 days was a participant in the reality show "Dom-2" (came on May 12, 2004, left July 7).
The latest work in the porn - porn film of Russian porn director Bob Jack "Amazons prefer the Vikings" (filmed in 2006, went on sale in 2008). The heroine of his book "Por-no!".
In October 2007, became the leading program "Undisputed" on the TV channel "Muz-TV", which was withdrawn from the air in 2008.
In December 2007 she starred for the SIM magazine.
In early August 2009, Berkova announces her departure from producer Alexander Valov and announced her desire to work in the strip show Barbarian show, where her husband Ivan had already worked. In mid-August 2009 it was announced the first performance of Berkova in the "Barbarian show". At the end of August, Berkova's performances as part of the "Barbarian show" were canceled, never having begun, without explaining the reasons.
She took part in filming various kinds of music videos, usually erotic and sexual, with projects such as "Min No", "BeZ B", "Big Black Boots", "Delta pro". In the clip "Forgive" (director, Eugene Kurbatov), ​​the pop singer Andrei Lefler, she appeared in a pair with another popular Internet person - Svetlana (Kuritsyna) from Ivanova.
In 2015, Berkova starred in the clip "Russell Ray (7Hills)" for the song "Time vpriitsk."
In 2017, released her new video for the song "Became another."