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Another Rica Group was founded in 1996. The first rehearsals, then still unnamed group organized in 95th high school friends, Victor and Alexander Baranovsky Skuratovsky (Corado). After a short time, they were joined by Valery Harchishin - and they can be considered the founders of the group of Second River. The long search for a drummer ended with the arrival of a group of Alexei Doroshenko at the end of the 96th.

In 1998, for participation in the festival "Ruta", the name changed to Second River "Druga Rika". At the same time the group left the second guitarist Taras Melnichuk, held out a year, and in its place comes Sergei Bilichenko. In 1999, the group won the festival "Future of Ukraine" and soon moved to Kiev.

In 2000, the debut album "I Je 'video for the song" Let Me "and" There de ti ". DP recognized as "Discovery of the Year" and awarded the "Ukraїnskoї hvilі" In spring 2003, the album "Two". The second row, symbolically presented on May 2, at two o'clock in the afternoon (14:00). The album contains a solid number of hits: "vzhe not himself", "Mathematics", "Chanson", "Oksana". The songs "Hello", "Novi day", "I can smell you here," became hits, with no video support. "Vzhe not the" can be considered the first international track that will appeal not only Ukrainians. After a successful performance at the festival DR "horn" (Russia), "vzhe not he" appeared in Russian media space.

In June 2003, within the framework of the world tour «Paper Monsters» in Ukraine is coming singer Depeche Mode - Dave Gahan. As fate would have it, the name of another Rіku warm invite Dave to Kiev stage. In 2003 th in the DR she was invited Sergei Gera (Shura) - keys.

In 2005 he published another album "Record". Hits: "So here you little," "P'yu s tvoїh Dolon ',' Sleep till tomorrow", "Three hvilini", "Vіdchinyay" - are popular. All tracks are removed clips. On the "Record" Druga Rika starts a new stage of creativity, taking management, video production, the band's style into their own hands. Perhaps the reason for the sharp rise and success of DP, the musicians were able to rehearsal, to TV, radio and concert venue, without intermediaries to convey their creativity. Thus, in the Ukrainian show business, there was a real conceptual formation with his face.

In December 2006, to a suspended 10-th anniversary, Rika gives a compilation of the 13 best tracks "Dennіch."

In 2007, the DR close to the studio with the aim to move away from tradition to release albums every two years. Work is progressing not quickly transferred musicians release in the fall. However, the fall of the album comes out. Valery Harchishin gets in a terrible car accident. The only thing that managed to DR on the eve of the accident, and the new album - to give in on the radio "Kіnets svitu." The track immediately gets the first stage radiochata.

In 2008, the new album "Fashion". The album is full of life and desire to live. It includes tracks for a long time kept in the archives of the Corado (guitarist Alexander Baranovsky). After the incident with Harchishin songs purchased new content as if they were specially written for this moment. Filmed and edited clips on the "Kіnets svitu", "Furіyu", "Proponuyu World", "Kosmozoo." A little later, another Rika record a joint track with the Ukrainian group «TOKiO» «Catch! Dozhenemo! "Writing songs, recording video and a big concert inspired by the DR on an international project« Rock'n'Roll saves the world ».

In 2009, the release of the single "Dotik" from the album "Fashion". The video for "Dotik" shot in New York and Kiev. Long work on the track, was compensated by a large number of rotations.

In the spring of 2010 at the Moscow studio «STArecords», the band recorded trёhyazychny track «Hello My Friend», and the demo "Ti Zi me? I zdayus! ", The track ended in Kiev. Later DR removes a new video for "Tu me zi? I zdayus! "The shooting took place in the Kiev botanical garden to them. MM Grishka NAS.

In September 2011 Other Rika organizes a large-scale concert with the Turkish group Mor ve Ötesi (Mor ve OTES) project «Rock'n'Roll saves the world» and presents a joint track "World rіznih on the banks."

In 2012 DR produces Preview of the Metanoia. Part 1 (the album) and founded his charity project "I will zhiti" "I'll zhiti" - a social project to combat lymphoma in which DR is organizing a charity concert, which is attended by Okean Elzy, boombox, SK A the KJ and many other rock artists.

A year later, Rika continued social actions in the fight against lymphoma. The Group contributes to shoot the video "I'll zhiti", which aims - to identify the disease at an early stage.

In 2013, AP released two video clips. Socio-ironic "Nazavzhdi (NaNaMaNa)" and the lyrical "Tell me." "Say" - a joint blowing DR with the popular singer Vera Brezhnev touching lyrical song with a social message. Musicians take off first in the DNS clip, which shows the problem of hearing people. The video shoot participation of children from boarding school for deaf children. Throughout the video, children with hearing defect movingly convey the meaning of the song in sign language.

February 14, 2014, after 18 years of working together with the group, bassist Victor Skuratovsky left the band to focus solely on the director's work. It was while working on his next album, which bore the working title «Metanoia. Part 2 ". After the departure of the permanent bassist was forced to revise the title of their forthcoming album. In October 2014 "DR" released a video "I smell" - the first video in a reduced composition and shot not led Skuratovsky. After that, the team went to the All-Ukrainian tour «Supernation». December 6 was released self-titled CD «Supernation».