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The single "If you're with me," the actor was released in the early months of 2012, led by dozens of charts and charts, cracked television and radio broadcast ratings, and, of course, he won the sympathy of hundreds of thousands of listeners. The success of Dominica also confirmed major country music awards - "Golden Gramophone" Russian Radio and reward charts "Red Star" First Channel.

Dominique Joker (Alexander Breslau) was born July 19, 1980 in Odessa. There's also graduated from high school and enrolled in the local Conservatory, from which he was expelled for a complete disregard for the formalities of the educational process. By talent and hearing - there were no questions.

Mass public first learned about Dominik Joker, as a participant of boy band "2 + 2", which was quite popular in the mid-90s. Then Dominic first declared itself not only as a performer but also as a successful composer. It was he who wrote the majority of the musical material of the group. Alas, like many producer's groups, the group "2 + 2" has not become "full-length project," and survived the crisis of 1998, successfully broke, releasing another album. But already without Dominique Joker, who preferred to choose a solo career and work with their colleagues as a composer.

The second round of popularity Dominic Joker was provoked by the television project "Star Factory 4" (2004), which is the recognition of all the television became the most rating analysts season of the show all taken under this brand. The project, along with Dominique Timothy, Ratmir Shishkov and Nastya Kochetkova create a group of "gang" - at that time one of the most popular groups of the country. Hit "Cry Heaven," written and filmed by Michael Joker Khleborodova, becoming one of the top songs of 2005 and became one of the most rotated otechesvennom singles on radio and TV. Prior to that, just as powerful, "shoots" joint track Timati and Alexa, "When you're next," Dominique Joker authorship. The debut album "Gang", whose music is also completely written Dominic beats sales records. Unfortunately, the success of the collective fate intervened tragedy in a car accident killed one of the participants of the "bandit" Ratmir Shishkov. His death shocked everyone so that in the history of the "gang" it was decided to put the point: without Ratmir it would be no longer the artist. Musicians pursue a solo career.

After the collapse of the "Gang" came true "finest hour" composer Dominic Joker. He has worked with almost all the Russian artists of the first echelon. "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" performed his hit "Summer is a" delicate band "Cream" singing "Above the clouds", Vlad Topalov told all over the country, that he would do "for love." Besides the fact that these songs are so different in style and manner of artists invariably fall into the charts and charts of the Audience Award, they shared one more thing: the author of the music was to them Dominic Joker. As a producer, he even worked with People's Artist of Russia Oleg Gazmanov, which once again demonstrated the breadth of musical possibilities and talent Dominic. For four consecutive years - 2004 and 2007 - it is recognized as one of the winners of the TV festival "Song of the Year».

In 2008, Dominique Joker realizes another big project: during the television season he is working on the show, "You - Superstar", one of the most popular projects of NTV. In the same year he formally declares itself as a solo artist. On music channels appears his first video "Abandoned by God." In 2009, Dominic debut solo album "Real People", which included 20 songs ("abandoned by God", "Dance Area", "If this is love" and others). Moreover, as recognized by the artist himself, the track list or record a double album would be much more volume: the most difficult task for him was the choice of songs, which for nearly ten years in the domestic show business have accumulated a huge amount.

But the real turning point for him becomes 2012. Sincere and heartfelt soul ballad "If you are with me" literally explodes radio and television, in her book "Table of orders" and the live broadcast, vote for it on the internet and via SMS, discuss in forums and social networks. From the first days of opening iTunes - official music store Apple - in Russian "If you're with me," hit the top 20 best sellers. Experts and viewers of the hit parade "Red Star" (First Channel) including the hit Dominic Joker in the top 20 songs of 2012 and the Russian Radio celebrated his song "Golden Gramophone" - one of the most prestigious music awards in Russia. Without waiting for the end of the year, Dominique presents his fans one more surprise: the touching song "Goodbye" written in verse classics of Russian and Soviet literature Maxim Gorky. And one of the most famous filmmakers clipmakers country Irina Mironova turns "Farewell" in the pirate story, a romantic mini-film about love, friendship, passion, betrayal and treachery, for three minutes with a little making of Dominique Joker this dramatic actor.

Dominic began in 2013 with the premiere of his new single and video for the song "Goodbye" based on the classic poem of Russian and Soviet literature Maxim Gorky.