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Once in a live radio Alla Pugacheva called Dmitry Nesterov "secret weapon of our pop music." Diva know what to say. At the time, the young singer was in hits Russian Billbord with a lyrical song "Moscow winter", and at the invitation of Nikita Mikhalkov made at the Moscow International Film Festival. "5 Responses Dmitry Nesterov" every morning, charged in a good mood, and the air "First Channel" He entered the bay stallion so confidently and gracefully, like the emperor Caesar came to the throne. After this act of poignant rendition of the song Vertinsky "You soothe me" is no longer perceived as a confession, but as a highly artistic provocation.

A graduate of GITIS class pop vocal, Nesterov few years performed at the Theatre of Music and Drama Stas Namin, where, in particular, sang Herod in the rock opera «Jesus Christ Superstar», and also starred in the musicals "Hair" and "Cardinal ". The deep baritone voice and subdued manner of execution was converted performances with his participation in a disturbing musical landscapes, unique in its beauty. About the young singer spoke not only on "Radio Alla", but also in theater circles. It seemed that the two take-off tracks he left to choose one, only true. But Nesterov chose his path - the path of experiments and searching for a new style. The path of hopes and disappointments, defeats and victories.

The time is approaching the debut album, which imitated the voice actor of many instruments from the mandolin to tubes from the shaker to drum "barrel" and piano. It was a new and revolutionary for the Russian pop sound architecture. "I create in the studio sound of a full orchestra, - said Dmitry while. - I - man band who restores on tape vocal orchestration of any complexity ».

The album was recorded in the tone studio "Mosfilm", and its multi-format presentation was planned for one of the largest concert venues in the City Day. Nothing seemed to be no signs of trouble. But being easily vulnerable person and unhappy end result, the artist began to miss the final session, stopped communicating, and then simply disappeared from Moscow.

"I became interested in the ancient Buddhist teachings and studied the many existentialists, - says Nesterov spring 2014. - Once I listened to your songs and I realized that I do not at all. I decided that three years spent in the studio, turned out a total misconception. And I destroyed the matrix disastrous, as I then saw the album, having attended so that in nature there are no drafts ».

In 28 years Nesterov began life anew. He moved to the countryside where the horse riding and horse breeding. Then, with the inspiration of his beloved woman left - after eight years of the novel Dmitri was alone and began to tightly reclusive. Only wine gave a questionable sense alike dull weekdays.

"I started the day with an innocent jar of gin and tonic, and finished a bottle of whiskey or bourbon" - reluctantly recalls the singer. All rolled into a ditch, he was tragically killed a friend and it was a real 'heyday of decadence ».

But, as is known cures. After a while Dima, he found a second wind. The songs began to flow the river, "" Lonely City "," The dreams of the past "," from scratch "." Nesterova have started getting so rare on the Russian stage symbolist stage, which vanished from the doom and decay. Nobility new program added songs Peter Leshchenko, Vadim Kozin and Alexander Vertinsky, filled with charm, as if the court was "silver age" of Russian decadence.

After gaining composure, Dmitry violated retreat in spring 2014 music channels started to rotate the clip, filmed for the song "" I just have to be with you. '" Singer was invited to a charity gala concert fund "Give Life", where Nesterov, in particular, performed a new hit "The epidemic of love" and composition "« In the Death Car »" Goran Bregovic, known by Iggy Pop. By the presentation of the new album Nesterov has prepared a unique show with stunning 3D visuals imagination, where the artist interacts with its on-screen, the image as a man. The director of this action was made fashionable music video and sound producer Eugene Kuritsyn, known for his work with Vyacheslav Butusov, groups A'STUDIO, UMA2RMAH and other artists. Nesterov presented the musical program on the stage of the highest technical level and presented a new clip "Hello" (directed by Pavel Khudyakov). We call this the beginning of the ascent of the singer to new heights, where there is no right way - both upstairs and down.