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DJ Vini (Winnie) - Vitaly Vinogradov, first and foremost a musician, because he was involved in music since childhood, has worked in the studios and even wrote hits for domestic pop singers. In the mid-nineties he worked in the style of trance, at which time he often played in clubs in Germany and released his mixes at various music labels, including Vandit records Paul Van Dyke. Having worked in a completely new style for his House, Vitaly became interested in them, and soon his career DJ went to take off. After becoming acquainted with Alexei Gorobey, Vitaly was invited to play at the famous club Summer.

Dj Vini (Winnie) (Vitaly Vinogradov) - one of the most popular and successful DJs in Moscow. He is the author of the most popular dance remixes Savichevoj Yu, K. Lel, J. Aguzarovoj, D. Bilan group "Queen" and many other famous singers and music bands. January 18, 2007 Dj Vini (Vinnie), together with Dj Koreans was awarded the prestigious prize at the Russian Dance Awards in the "Best remix of the year."

Among the clubs that played Dj Vinnie, it may be noted such as Nirvana and Dance Bar Lost. Currently Dj Vini (Winnie) is a resident of the capital club Dyagilev prozhekt. Dj Vini (Winnie) played at the opening of all the famous club Dyagilev and was its resident. Dj Vini continues to write music, his sets consist of 80% of his own. And hit "Girls dance" for a long time kept in the lead radio charts Dynamite FM. Written in conjunction with Pasha Koreans remix of Viktor Tsoi "change", brings them Russian Dance Music Awards, in the category of best remix of the year. Before the legendary Madonna concert in Moscow, he played Paul Oakenfold remix Dj Vini (Winnie) "Click on the button" Group Technology and "I was looking for" Zemfira.

Gained popularity in the capital, Dj Vini (Winnie) begins to tour the cities of Russia and neighboring countries, has managed to visit in St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Samara, Ryazan, Perm, Kiev, Alma-Ata, where Dj Vini (Winnie) stretch accompanied success and public acclaim.