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DJ Tsvetkoff


It organically combines the game image of the artist from the 90's, the first DJ who stood on a par with the leading at that time pop stars of the country and the current DJ of today, the leading radio show "Dance Floor" on Radio Record where Cvetkoff is the most striking contemporary hits from all over the dance floors of the planet.

On the one hand, it is the undisputed leading Cvetkoff and face the main retromegadensa country Superdiskoteka 90, which is broadcast from the Olympic Games and of the SCC in different years on the First channel Muz TV and MTV. On the other hand, Cvetkoff - musician, touring geography that stretches from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

Cvetkoff - one of those who guessed right and largely determined the development of the dance industry in Russia. Back in 2000, promoting electronic music on Radio Record gaining momentum. Cvetkoff offered lyrical Tanya Bulanova to do a joint project in a completely new style for her electronic music. The result of this experiment was the album "My Dream". He sold a million copies, establishing in the domestic show business dictatorship of new rhythms - a prototype of the modern electronic dance music, and Cvetkoff speaks live on the First Channel, becoming one of the first Russian DJ's, appeared in the central television broadcast.

Format sets Tsvetkov - electro house date from the best producers of the world with the addition of powerful club dance hits. Cvetkoff gives speeches at a frenzied energy, experience the tour in the most unusual places lays on visitors vivid lasting impression. In Russia, perhaps, no more concerts and club sites, which would not have acted Cvetkoff - Olympic (Moscow), SKK, the Ice Palace (St. Petersburg), and many others.