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The founders of the group became classmates Nikolai Timofeev and Alexey Ryzhov, played together in the OIO. As DJs they organized a disco clubs. The first director was Andrew Vaganov. Principal place of their work was the club "Crash" at the city of Ivanovo, Lenin Avenue, d. 21, and that was the source of the name in the future.

The official founding date of the group is the 5th June 1990, but in fact the band appeared in 1988. The first name of the band - "Interview", "fire extinguisher". Initially the group was moving in a rock direction, but the musicians did not have enough money for the equipment, and they began to carry out a disco. During one of the discos in the hall lights went out and started to panic. Soloists told the audience: "Relax, everything is fine. After all, we - "Disco" Accident "." Nikolay Timofeev. 2011. From 1990 to 1993 the duo led the transfer under the name "Disco Crash" on the radio "Europe Plus Ivanovo" and local radio channel "Echo", broadcast on radio frequencies "Lighthouse" in Ivanovo (in 1997 - on the last Sunday of the month), the program was devoted to Ferris musical novelties. As part of the transfer Timofeev Ryzhov and remixed for well-known songs, performed parodies of songs. Monthly until the autumn of 1998 published a collection called "Disco Crash" with the latest foreign dance music. In 1992 Timofeev and Ryzhov joined former actor Oleg Zhukov, and in 1996 - Alexei Serov.

"Avariytsy" is often performed at public events in Ivanovo, discos and holidays. In 1997 the band released their first music album "Dance with Me", which was successfully sold in the Ivanovo region, where the group, thanks to the radio, has become popular. The album was released on cassette in Ivanovo. All the songs from it were then reprinted on new plates, but two: "Dance with me" and "Crimson Forest". Alexei Ryzhov.

In 1999 Alexei Ryzhov offered several songs producers studio "Union", which soon included them in the collections of dance pop "Move ass!", "Union 23", "Union 24" and "Union of 25". The group gained popularity in the country, successfully toured, videos broadcast on channel Muz-TV. Great success has remixed "accident" on the band's song "Liapis Trubetskoy" "You threw". National love group brought "Christmas" has not caused much excitement in winter 1999, but became very popular in the summer of 2000.

In 2001 they released a successful album "Maniacs" award winning "Album of the Year" according to the IV Annual Prize of the Russian recording industry "Record." The group is also involved in the filming of commercials. February 9, 2002 after a long illness died Oleg Zhukov. Activities of the group for a while suspended after its renewal leaves maxi-single "H. HH, R. NR ", followed by - the single" Heaven ", both songs were successful in the charts. On these songs, as well as the song "The harsh rap" and "If you want to stay" were filmed videos. Video "Heaven" was named Muz-TV best video in 2004. Also Muz-TV "Disco Crash" won in 2003 for Best Dance Project and Best pop group, and in 2004 - in the categories Best Song and Best Video. In 2002, the group won in the category Best Russian Act (Best Russian performers) at the ceremony MTV Europe Music Awards 2002 in Barcelona. "Disco Crash" - repeated winner of the Prize "Golden Gramophone" diplomas "Song of the Year" and others. In 2005 Disco Crash was named best group version of MTV Russia (RMA).

"Disco Crash" took part in the filming of Christmas lights the TV channel "Russia" in the role of thieves. In May 2005, Alexey Serov was taken to hospital after the attack on him unknown bandits and Muz-TV 2005 participants "Disco Crash" acted alone. Alex returned to service after a few months. 2006. In the spring, the band released a new album "Four guys", which is dedicated to the memory of Oleg Zhukov, and later became a finalist XI Award Ceremony folk music award "Golden Gramophone", with the song "Opa!". The winner at the end of VIII Award Russian recording industry Record-2006 in the category "Domestic radiohit year" (the best track of the year recognized the song "If you want to stay"). At the ceremony, Fashion People-2006 "Disco Crash" won the prize "Sounds of gold" - for outstanding musical achievements. According to the results of the 4th ceremony "Soundtrack", "Disco Crash" won in the category "Group of the Year". In 2007, "Disco Crash" again won the award Muz-TV in the categories "Best Duet" and "Best Video".

The group begins to practice performances with musicians, preferring musical instruments and improvisation than music to the soundtrack. Based collective of musicians Disco Crash team includes «LIVE SAX PARTY» saxophonist Anton Rumyantsev. In 2008, "Disco Crash" won the fifth award ceremony Russia Music Awards in the nomination «Dance» with the song "Pasha FC» and the tenth award ceremony Record 2008 in the category "radiohit of the Year" with the song "Malinki-Malinki." In 2009, the group won in the category «DANCE» Ceremony «ZD Awards 2008" and once again recognized as the best dance project of the year. Anna Khokhlova. 2013 In 2010, the band once again wins the nomination «DANCE» Ceremony «ZD Awards 2009", nominated for best pop artist of the year "Muz-TV 2010". Spring "Disco Crash" announces the imminent release of a new dance album, in anticipation of which arranges a photo shoot for the decoration of the disk and the new design of the official website of the group. In 2011, the band released a new album on the Internet, "Not Another Teen Time". In addition to their own songs, the album includes the song "The will and mind" is a cover version of the song by the group "Aria". Timofeev, A. Ryzhov and Serov took part in the final episodic comedy "Pregnant."

In 2012, the group had undergone. After 22 years of joint work Nikolay Timofeev left the team, opting for solo work. Currently, ex-member of the band is working on their own material, as by law Nicholas did not have the right to perform the song "Disco" Accident "" at their concerts (legally all the rights to the group composition are owned by the author Alexei Ryzhov). Also moved to Timofeev some musicians who collaborated with the band, including Anton Rumyantsev. In early November 2012, the group again came the change. Instead, the former lead singer Nikolai Timofeev "avariytsy" took part participating in the show X-Factor 3 Anna Khokhlova.