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Dima Kolyadenko

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In 1989 he graduated from Dnepropetrovsk Theatrical School. After the army he worked in the Sumy Drama Theater. Danced in operettas. He graduated from the Paris School of Contemporary Choreography. He came to Kiev, created the ballet "Art-classic", which was noticed by the producer Evgeny Rybchinsky (son of Yuri Rybchinsky) and invited to tour with EL Kravchuk. He worked on musicals "Cinderella", "Mad day, or The Marriage of Figaro", "The Snow Queen".
Dmitry Kolyadenko's ballet tours as a separate creative unit.
He was a choreographer in several seasons of the popular musical TV project "Chance", which was first broadcast by the channel "Inter", and then to "1 + 1". (2003-2009), where he first performed the songs on the air.
He has been leading the program: since 2008 he has been conducting the program "Live Shouts" about the Ukrainian stars of show business on the New Channel, having replaced the singer, the ex-participant of the group "VIA Gra" Svetlana Loboda, "Make me funny", "Bright heads", " Bright Head-2 "on the" New Channel ", was a member of the jury and choreographer at the Star Factory, was one of the judges of the Maydans-2 TV project.
Was the chairman of the jury of the all-Ukrainian school championship of support groups «DJUICE FAN 2009»
He took part in the 2010 VI Festival of Oriental Dance "Bastet" in Donetsk, from May 19 to 22, 2011 in Yalta VII open festival of oriental dance "Bastet".
Recorded in 2011 an album called "Dima Kolyadenko", his clips are shown on M1, sings at parties, star parties, concert concerts of manufacturers, where he was the presenter. He took part as a singer, in a concert dedicated to March 8, "March 8 in the Big City" on the Inter channel. In 2011 he received the award "The most stylish singer of the year."