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Together forever



Darin was born in Moscow into a family of engineers. Another school was fascinated by music and foreign languages. After graduation continued her studies in parallel at the College of Variety and Jazz Art and the Institute of them. Maurice Thorez. Now surely he speaks English, French and Bulgarian languages.

In 1999 began its work RMA company. In the first stream, which including studying and Pelagia, Darin studied singing, stage speech, dance. There's also met and made friends with a vocal coach Larisa M. Koval. It was she who invited Darin to the casting in a solo project for which you were looking for the girl with the spectacular appearance, distinctive vocals and compulsory knowledge of English.

Casting was conducted by the Swedish company Ego Works, worked with such stars as Bosson, A * Teens, No Mercy, Al Di Meola, MC Solaar and others. And Darin has successfully passed all the qualifying rounds. This proved to be the beginning of professional activity in the field of entertainment and music. Darina debut single was the song "It was love", recorded in two versions - Russian and English languages. Later it also served as Dima Bilan. On her her first music video was filmed. English lyrics to the song Lost Your Love, created by the famous poet Herbie Chrichlow, author of many hits of Backstreet Boys, - not only that the master of pop lyrics composed for Daryna. Delicate ballad A Better Way was written specifically for Herbie Darina in collaboration with the famous Denise Rich, a regular contributor from Celine Dion, Mary J Blige and Aretha Franklin.

recorded at the time the songs and captured clips are still a source of pride Darina: performed in a duet with Dima Bilan - romantic song "I can not live without you", a clip which was filmed by director Hindrek Maasik solar Cuba , vibrant video for the song "no regret nothing", filmed at the Mosfilm Studios, as well as the composition of Today is a Good Day, written in collaboration with the famous French rapper MC Solaar, which account for a number of platinum albums and a collaboration with Missy Elliot.

After the break in relations with the company Ego Works Darin long 10 years looking for myself, worked in the field of media production, it has received the second higher education, becoming an engineer of industrial and civil construction and devote some time to this profession. At the same time did not give music lessons. In the engaged academic vocals, two years he was a soloist of the choir RIA Novosti as an experiment and a half years. Darin also collaborated with various authors and recorded new songs. Thus were born the song "Calendar", "Against the Current", "Together forever" - all three largely autobiographical, "Moscow Morning" - a song written for the eponymous TV program, "Breathe Me" - an easy summer song and, of course, "New year", is able to melt even the icy heart. All of them are included on the album, "I can!". And in 2015, finally decided to return to a favorite cause. The next year will be released two more interesting songs, but what - still a secret .