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The first group of tracks were recorded in 2009.
C 2013 team has been actively touring, Cloud Maze played five full rounds - Asia (including concerts in Singapore), in Russia as well as Ukraine and Italy. Traveling through Europe in support of the debut album «Maybe, U Decide», included a performance in six countries: Czech Republic, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In the course of this trip took eight concerts and two interviews for radio stations. Group Cloud Maze repeatedly appeared on radio and television in diverse projects, which allowed to earn a certain notoriety, participated as invited guests among the other stars of the Russian pop music in the movie premieres of music awards.

Cloud Maze interested in not only Russia and the European audience to their sound, but also Asian. In May, the group drove to the tour of Asia, including big festival «All That Matters» in Singapore, where they have received represent Russia.

In the near future Cloud Maze plans to release a new album and release clip for the song «Trick» from the debut album.

Winter's debut music video in rotation on three channels - Russian Musicbox, Music and First WE TV, Trick clip in rotation Russian MusicBox

New clip in rotation TTL Russian MusicBox and Music first.
In 2016, Cloud Maze were nominated for the award:

«Oops! Choice awards 2016 "in the nomination" Breakthrough of the Year »

candidates for "Real MUSICBOX Award 2016" in the nomination "Out format»