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The group "Chelsea" was created during the project "Star Factory-6". Despite the fact that the future of the band have different musical tastes, producer Victor Drobysh at the second concert of the reporting them together. It was the first nomination Alexei basket and hit the first group of the future - "Alien Bride". The song reached the second line of the hit parade "Golden Gramophone" Russian radio and kept there for more than twenty weeks. Another group hit was the song "most favorite" that the guys performed in the last nomination of Arseniy Borodin. This song was later brought them the "Golden Gramophone».

Although the band performed together at the reporting concert "American Idol", the name was coined by the team immediately. At first, the staff for lack of a better known as a boy band. The forum of the First Channel announced a competition for the best name for the group. Intrigue was kept until the end. The official name of the group was announced at the final concert of the "American Idol" on June 29, 2006, when the participants were awarded a certificate for the right to use the trademark Chelsea in Russia and CIS countries. This date is considered the official birthday of the group. The name "Chelsea" (eng. Chelsea) has approved Victor Drobysh.

In a group of three soloists: Denis Petrov, Alexei Corzine and Arseny Borodin. This is the second part of the history of the group. Roman Arkhipov left the band in 2011 after the return of Star Factory project but will continue to work in the group until the end of June 2011. Victor Drobysh said he did not intend to look for a new singer in place of Roman. Thus, the group became a trio.

In 2011, the group took part in the project "Factory of stars. The Return ", which compete with graduates of" American Idol "in different years, all of which once started his career in the" House of the Star. " "Chelsea" is a team of producer Victor Drobysh. During the project, the band changed their style, and now it can be described as "pop-rock", although the first "Chelsea" was considered extremely pop group.