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Brandon Stone - a young and talented musician - singer, composer, who wrote more than 500 works of different genres; jazz pianist, arranger and sound producer.

Brandon himself feels performer in the style of Jazz / Soul / Pop. This is an interesting mix of styles, melodic and incendiary song plus great skill and emotional depth and sincerity of execution, a wide range of great voice (3.5 octaves) and romantic charm helped him gain popularity in many countries of Europe, America and the CIS countries. Brandon sings in Russian, English, German, Spanish, French, Hebrew and Georgian languages.

He is one of those few artists who, through their talent and bright bewitching voice preserve and enrich the best traditions of popular music, introducing them individuality Brandon Stone was born in Tbilisi (Georgia). In his early childhood he appeared bright vocal talent and love for music. Private teacher of the piano, which gave the first lessons of 3 hletny Brandon, drew attention to the talent of the boy's parents. In the circle of song and dance, which is attended Brandon at this age, he received his first singing lessons. When he was five years old, a well-known in Georgia and in all the former republics of the Soviet Union, the youth music group "Nergebi" ("seedlings") was announced a set of new collective (created director of the ensemble "Mziuri"). Of the eight million children who participated were selected thirteen most talented, including proved and Brandon. Experienced teachers "Seedlings" teach young talent singing, playing musical instruments and stage craft, so in 1991 in England, the group was awarded the title of "the best children's music band of the year". In parallel with learning to play the piano, mastering the game Brandon drums and guitar.

In 1991, at age 11, Brandon won his first competition at the international festival in Warrington (England).

In 1993, Brandon wins Grand Prix yet another contest in their homeland.

A year later he takes participates in the international competition in Jerusalem (Israel), and becomes one of the best.

In 1995, Brandon moved with his family to America. Because of nostalgia for the homeland, family, friends, and "seedlings", he often travels to Georgia, and continues to serve with your favorite team.

In 1996, Brandon takes participates in the New York Festival in the famous "Big-Apple-Festival" and ranked 2nd in the category of pop music. Special promotion for Brandon got his own compositions with the music and lyrics of their songs.

Later, his family moved to Germany, where he discovered new creative perspectives.

In 1997, Brandon goes to the Berlin Conservatory "Hans Eisler". Here he begins to learn at a jazz pianist. During his study at the Conservatory of Berlin Brandon writes many works of various genres. From that moment it begins to engage a well-known German producer center "Mabuse Records".

In 2000, Georgia's Brandon was awarded the title "Singer of the Year" for the performance of which has made him famous songs "Historia de un Amor", which was broadcast by all radio and television stations of Georgia.

2001 - Brandon brilliantly completes the Berlin Conservatory with honors as a jazz pianist. Moreover, he perfectly plays the drums, guitar and other musical instruments.

The interest and desire to succeed Brandon notices a very well-known producer in the US campaign "Limelight-Records INC". In August 2001, Brandon has attracted the attention of well-known producers Harry Hinde and Joel A.Katz, who have already signed contracts with artists such as Shania Twain, Mariah Carrey and Whitney Houston. Brandon gets a unique opportunity to record some songs in one of the most prestigious recording studios «East Iris studios» in Nashville. Brandon says about it: "I was told that the recent Elton John recorded in the studio, I asked," Can I also make a record? "And I said," bookable! "I made a recording of his music, playing the piano Elton John . It turns out that he carries everywhere for his giant a piano in it two octaves higher than normal. I such did not see anywhere else. "

In Germany, Brandon is known primarily as a composer and producer. His performances are held with great success. In addition, Brandon is known for the German audience as an active participant of various charity projects and actions, where he, along with other famous singers, stands in front of a million public to raise funds to help children with cancer and AIDS.

September 11, 2001, working in his studio recording the new album, he learned about the tragedy in America, change the world. He immediately decided to fly to the United States to family and friends, but like many others, could not do it, because All flights have been canceled, he had only one thing - to wait. All the experiences of the day are reflected in the song "Peace to the world". In it, he expressed that to all the people on the ground was the most important on this day - the world, life, joy and love! The song «Peace to the World», performed by Brandon December 31, 2001 at midnight in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin was dedicated to the victims of the September 11 attacks in New York and was broadcast live on the channel SAT 1 throughout Germany, marking the beginning of the new year call for universal peace.

In November 2002, Brandon took part in a charity concert «Charity 2002" in favor of the organization «Hand in Hand for Children» in Frankfurt, which has gathered more than 20 thousand spectators. He presented immediately two of his songs have become hits later in Germany. First - New single, «Magic X-mas», duet with TV star Kader Lotz, took first place in the Spanish charts in 2002 and won the hearts of millions of listeners. The second - «Never give up» - unanimously selected the main song (Charity Song) such an important event, and performed all the music stars of the evening - DJ Bobo, Band ohne Namen, Bell Book & Candle, ATC, Isabell & She Loe, Brandon Stone . This fact marked the beginning of collaboration with Klaus, the singer of the German band Band ohne Namen, on a new version (Up-Tempo-Version) Ballads Brandon «Peace to the World», which was released a recording studio Mabuse Records in February 2003.

In the same year, Brandon is working with singer Carmen on their pilot project, the result of which - the album «Cosimaar X», which is a mixture of vocal and instrumental compositions in the style called by Brandon «New-Pop-Chillout», once it becomes popular with fans house music and style of «Café Del Mar».

In 2005, Brandon Stone released his first Russian-language album "casual look" in which there is a great lyrical songs in the style of soul, and incendiary disco, Latin and Euro-pop. On one of the songs of this album - "My Madonna" filmed a video clip.

In 2005, Brandon Stone took part in the contest "New Wave" in Jurmala, which represent Spain. He also assisted the organizers of the contest in the preparation of the contestants, as a music producer. With his song Tina Karol (Ukraine) took the second place and received a special prize from Alla Pugacheva. Sam Brandon was in the lead after the first competition day and took the prize. He later wrote two songs for a duet with Tina Karol, who immediately became hits in Ukraine and Latvia, after which Brandon was invited to participate in the filming of the TV program "Song of the Year."

In Ukraine, published in three albums of Tina also many songs written by Brandon.

Since 2006, Brandon is a sound producer of the "New Wave" in Jurmala. His songs are performed by representatives of different countries. In 2006, they were participants from Latvia and Russia, and in 2007 to Germany and Moldova. He wrote the song "I do not believe" in the performance of the Moldavian contestant Natalia Gordienko, led the girl to a victory in the "New Wave 2007". In 2008 - Omar (Kyrgyzstan), singing a song Brandon «Tell me» received a prize of Alla Pugacheva. In 2009 - Sandhy Sondoro (Indonesia), whose producer is Brandon Stone, and won the contest. In 2010 the competition performed his song Yegor Sesar (Russia) and won the Audience Award. In addition, Brandon American participant produces the "New Wave 2005" - Stephanie, sisters Rose and German TV star - Kader Lott. His songs are in the repertoire of Anna Semenovich, Ani Lorak and many other artists from around the world.

As a result of joint efforts by the finalists with the "New Wave 2004" Armenia - the group «Hayer» - the summer of 2006 came the song "First Love", which is sung in two languages ​​- Armenian and Georgian. Filmed on the song clip in retro style was presented in Latvia on the channel LTV 7 and won a special popularity among the Armenian viewers.

In 2006, a favorite with the residents of Latvia Brandon frequent visitor to Riga, where he worked on various projects: In April, he takes some of his songs on the solo concert Valery Meladze; In May, a solo concert of Brandon, held in a warm and cozy atmosphere; In September - with the participation of one of the most famous singers of Europe '90s - Ray Horton - in a concert dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the "green" of the Latvian project "Traces» (Footprints), which aims to actively support the conservation of the environment; In September, the Berlin premiere of the solo program Brandon «Piano man».

It is in Latvia, where there was a "breakthrough" in the singer's "New Wave 2005", November 1st, 2006 a presentation of the new album, Brandon «Forever and Always». It includes 15 songs in English - it's the best songs written by Brandon in recent years in different styles and directions, to the accompaniment of recorded "live" instruments. String party for one of the songs recorded quintet of the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra. The maestro Raimonds Pauls, familiarity with which was held even during the "New Wave", a visit to the disc and wished Brandon continued success and good luck. A great event in the life of Brandon was the participation in the concerts dedicated to the memory of the legendary singer of soul and rhythm and blues - Luther Vandrosa - in Berlin, along with such stars of soul as Colin Rich, Craig Burton, Keith Tynes (from the group The Platters), Troy Afflick. With great success in Germany, held joint concerts Brandon Stone and James Last Orchestra.

Songs Brandon repeatedly reached the top lines of the charts in Spain, Germany, Georgia, Ukraine, Estonia and Latvia. For example, in 2006, by a vote of several radio stations of the Baltic, his songs were in the top twenty for 40 weeks. The song "Take my love" took the top spot for 5, and the song "I'll kiss you" for 8 weeks.

Geography Brandon extensive concert performances: Los Angeles, New York, Monte Carlo, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, Riga, Kiev, Moscow, etc. He toured in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Georgia, Armenia, the USA, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Greece and other European countries.

In August 2007 the International Order of St. Stanislaus Brandon was initiated into the Order of Knights and was awarded the highest memorable sign - Collard.

In October 2007 in Kyiv with a group of "7th Heaven" was filmed romantic video for Brandon "Pictures of Love".

A year later, he released a single "Here I am" and a clip on it, who took the eminent German director Oliver Sommer.

In 2010 comes the video for "Lena».

In his free time playing sports and Brandon goes to the movies, preferring to watch the original version of the movie, allowing it to knowledge 6 languages. Latin rhythms have long captivated his soul, and he is happy to use its elements in their songs. Calling himself a "citizen of the world", he loses and ties with Georgia: "Georgia is a very musical country and its spirit is felt in my songs," - says Brandon. If you roll a free evening, he loves to cook Satsivi for friends and relatives. When asked how he finds inspiration, Brandon says: "Inspiration comes in especially when I'm in love. For the musician necessary and important feelings. It is necessary to fall in love, to leave, to meet again, to have something to write ».

Brandon is full of new plans. He is currently working on several projects: preparing to release an album of songs in Russian, which includes both new songs and remixes are already well known. As well as being prepared to shoot the video for one of the songs on the disc. The album release is scheduled for autumn 2011;

It is working on an album in German;

Brandon also works hard as a composer and producer with representatives of show business of Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Germany, the United States and other countries.