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The group was formed in 1989 in the Latvian city of Jelgava. It included five school mates - Reynard Cowper (vocal), Janis Yubalts (guitar), Gundars Maushevichs (bass), Kaspars Horn (drums) and Maris Mihelsons (accordion, keyboards). In 1992, the band released the first single «Jo tu nāc». In 1993, they released their first album «Vairāk nekā skaļi». The most popular song of the album became «Ziema» («Winter»), which was filmed for video. Next, in 1994, the group became unproductive, the single «Vietu nav», released this year, released edition of just 500 copies.

After experimenting with alternative music band returned to the mainstream and released a new album «Veronika», which has become very popular among teenage audiences. The most popular song of the album became «Dārznieks» («Gardener»), «Apelsīns» («Orange») and «Lidmašīnas» («Planes»).

The next step to success was the signing of a contract with «Microphone Records», one of the biggest record companies in Latvia and the release of new album «Viss ir tieši tā kā tu vēlies» (Everything is exactly as you wish) in 1997. The album became one of the first "gold" CDs Latvia, and made "breynstormy" most popular band in the country.

The first international single - Under My Wing (Is Your Sweet Home) was recorded in Germany in the same year. It was the English version of the song Tavas mājas manā azotē. In both versions have been removed completely different clips. The English-language video shown in many European countries, including the French music channel MCM.

In 1999, participants Brainstorm released their fourth album «Starp divām saulēm» and the first international album «Among The Suns», which was the English version of «Starp divām saulēm». It was recorded in Sweden and Denmark. All five singles album - «Puse no sirds» («Half of heart»), «Starp divām saulēm» («Between two suns»), «Lec» («Try»), «Prom uz siltajām salām» («Is not it funny ») and« Tu izvēlējies palikt »(« Welcome to my country ») reached the top positions in the Latvian charts shortly after release.

May 13, 2000, the band performed at the 45th Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden with the song «My star» and took the third place. The song became the most popular from around the competition, though, and has not received the first prize. Mostly it has been popular in Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Germany and Poland.

In August 2000, shortly after the group of the decade, it was released the album «Izlase», includes both the most popular and some unreleased songs before. Esam un būsim song became the anthem of the basketball team «ASK / Brocēni / LMT».

In 2001 he was released the album «Kaķēns, kurš atteicās no jūrasskolas», in the English version - «Online». The song «Maybe» from this album received international acclaim and is still considered a major hit. Also popular were the songs «Online» and «Waterfall». On «Maybe» and «Waterfall» were filmed clips. The last shot in Finland, where the singer Reynard Cowper plays a sailor who waits favorite (it played a Swedish girl), and at the end of the clip, they still occur. Poland has sold more than 35,000 copies of the disc, which allowed him to become the first and only "gold" album of the group outside of Latvia. In Latvia, the major hits of the era were «Maybe», «Ir vieglāk», «Kaķēns, kurš atteicās no jūrasskolas» and «Spogulīt, spogulīt». It is interesting to note that in 2009 the latter was translated into Russian, and it is not performed Cowper and guitarist - Janis Yubalts. He'd often played it in concerts in the Latvian language, but the studio recording his voice was not. The author of the Russian text was Mikhail Kozyrev, who previously worked with the group.

Next album «Dienās, kad lidlauks pārāk tāls» or «A Day Before Tomorrow», recorded in Germany and Denmark, was released in 2003. The album turned out more rock than the previous. Popularity gained singles «Colder» and «A Day Before Tomorrow» (Lett. Version - «Plaukstas lieluma pavasaris»). According Reynard Cowper, most of the songs for this album initially had only the English version, and since they were difficult to translate into the Latvian language, first edition of the Latvian version is not planned. However, the Latvian variant still came despite the fact that half of the songs in it - in English. In 2003, the album was among the best rock albums of Latvia, and the single «Colder» got three awards - best rock song, radio hit and best music video. The Russian version of the album has a bonus track "Weekend." This is the first Russian-language single group (before been translated into Russian song «Viss ir tieši tā kā tu vēlies» and «Lidmašīnas», but they were not singles).

In 2004 «Brainstorm» and "B-2" recorded the song "Slippery streets", which was included in the new album "B-2" "Inomarki", released March 2, 2004. The song won the first place of the charts of radio stations in Latvia, Ukraine and Rossii.Nochyu 22 to 23 May 2004 in a car accident on the highway between Riga and Jelgava killed one of the founders of the group - bassist Gundars "Muminsh" Maushevichs. Despite the tragic loss, the remaining members of the group decided to continue to work together. After the death of Muminsha role of the bass player in the band performs Ingars Vilyums that even after so many years of working together remains a session musician, not being an official member of the group. A collective decision was to continue the existence of the group as a quartet, securing died bassist place posthumously.

In 2005, participants of the «Brainstorm» released album «Četri krasti». The album, like the previous three, has an English version - «Four Shores». The first single of this era in Latvia was the song «Pilots Tims». She became the promotional song for the airline «AirBaltic» and has been used in their advertising. Also hit was the song «Rudens» and «Četri krasti».

In the summer of 2005 took place a tour in support of the album in 6 cities of Latvia, and the final concert in Riga reached 40 000 people.

The English-language version of the album has 2 options publications - for Russia and the CIS countries and the European. On major hits album - «Thunder Without Rain», «Lonely Feeling» and «Tin Drums» shoot a video. «Lonely Feeling» also has a Russian version of the video - "Wind". Animation clip «Lonely Feeling» received the Romanian festival "AniMotion 2007" two prizes - best animated story (plot) and the Audience Award. In support of the album and went on tour in Russia.

In the New Year's Eve 2008 he was presented the first single of the new album - And I Lie. Later, she was transferred to the Latvian album. In 2008, the song became the most downloaded Online doremi.lv.

February 6, 2008 on the Last.fm website, the premiere joint composition Eugene Grishkovtsa groups "Curler" and Reynard Cowper "The Dawn" (a cover version of the famous hit of the "Alliance"). This is the second collaboration with Reynard Cowper "curlers", however, this practice becomes the rule for the group is not, but rather another exception.

After a three-year break, the band released a new album. May 13, 2008 in Latvia's release of a new long-awaited album «Tur kaut kam ir jābūt» (There's something to be). The album was made by Gustavo Latvian rapper, graphic designer - Otto Zitmanis. The album was ambiguously perceived by the public. Half believed that it is not "breynstormy" and experiment with repom and hip-hop was unsuccessful, while others were of the opinion that the group changes were needed and it was a step forward. Latvian radio station SWH refused to play the singles of the new album, arguing it is their "non-format". However, be that as it may, the album was certified double platinum in Latvia. The major hit was the song Ja tikai uz mani tu paskatītos, Bronza, Es jau nāku and Bēdz. The first single was a video clip, released on the eve of the album. The clip was shot in Vilnius, was the drummer for the band director - Kaspars Horn. Clip Bronza - this live-recording from a concert in Riga on August 9, 2008. Russian version Bēdz - Waves was also "oklipovana." Video "Waves" - a kind of look Kaspars Rogues on the group's performance in Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium in April 2009.

In summer 2008 tour was held to promote the album. First, the group planned to visit six cities the native Jelgava, Ventspils, Liepaja, Valmiera, Preiļi and Riga, but due to the fact that in Liepaja did not have time to finish the stadium before the start of the tour, a concert in the city was canceled. Gala concert in Riga was attended by 45,000 spectators, a record attendance in Riga. Special guests of the concert were a group of B-2, Gustavo, GG-Choir and Vaira Vike-Freiberga (former president of Latvia). December 1, the birthday of Vike-Freiberga was presented a concert DVD in Riga. The former head of state attended the presentation. Musicians gave her a DVD, and it is named in honor of the release of the disc - a joint photo. Recording concert acquired 100 000 people, making it the platinum.

June 14, the band performed at the international festival of rock music "Maksidrom 2008».

March 31, 2009 a new album, the release of which focuses mainly on Russia - "Step". The author of the Russian text was Sergei Timofeyev. Initially, the group did not want to do Russian album, they wanted to just add a few Russian-language songs, but became interested Timofeev translations. It so happens that the album includes 6 songs of Russian-speaking, English-speaking and 6 1 instrumental. The presentation took place in the Moscow club "16 tons". There were invited all the fans who took part in a video contest Group. Despite a number of concerts and interviews, singles not gained immense popularity. The album and the song "Step" video "Wave" and the band was nominated for RAMP, but then luck was not on their side. BrainStorm were there as special guests. To plan the first concert in Pskov had to be canceled due to low ticket sales.

September 19, 2009, the band performed in the show of the First Channel ProjectorParisHilton with the song «A Day Before Tomorrow»

In March 2010, the presentation of the English version of the album «Tur kaut kam ir jābūt» - «Years and Seconds». Lyrics «They know how to do it well» (Eng. Version of the song «Bronza») was written in collaboration with a group of fans. British rapper TY, nominee Mercury Award, has brought to the work of his paint with text and recitative in the song To Deliver Brightness. The group has already been concerts in Minsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, London, Vilnius, Tartu and other cities. They also performed at the SXSW festival in Texas on March 17. April 19 published a full trilogy. This 3 disc, recorded from 2008 to 2010 (Tur kaut kam ir jābūt, Step and Years and Seconds).

October 21 in shopping center Spice in Riga was opened brand store group Skapis (cabinet), which sells various products from the group, ranging from CDs, posters, T-shirts and brand, ending air freshener for car and reflectors with a photo group members. The store will be open until 10 December. On the same day the presentation of the collection of the main songs of the last decade - Izlase 2000-2010. Brainstorm sang 4 songs, including a new single - Gara diena (long day). After the ceremony, the band gave a lot of interviews and talked to the fans.

10th and 11th December the Brainstorm concerts in Arena Riga. Standing room for both concerts sold out in just a few hours after the start of sales.

In 2012 Brainstorm released in light of a "triptych" - the new album was released first in Latvian - «Vel Viena Klusa Daba», then in English - «Another Still Life». October 20 at Arena Moscow premiere of a special Russian-language version of the album - "The Seagull on the roof." Despite the fact that the release has taken place recently, six of the thirteen songs are already in rotation Russian stations. The title track from the album - "The Seagull on the Roof" - became a participant Chart Dozen on our radio and climbed to the fourth place. One of the bonus tracks on the album - the song "Fuelling the fire" was the title for the animated film "The Snow Queen" and its English version specifically for the international movie rentals - track «Flashlight» - text written a longtime friend of the band, frontman «Travis »Fran Healy. At the beginning of 2013 in Chart Dozen started sixth track record - "Someone living", in the summer the group has pleased clip «Europa», filmed in Berlin and the concurrent appearance at Glastonbury. In the fall of 2013, in anticipation of the 10th anniversary of the presence of BrainStorm in Russia, the musicians presented their collaboration with producer David Field's - song and music video «Butterfly In A Bottle». In 2014, the group plans to release a long-awaited video for the song "What you pull," which was filmed during the first part of the tour group in nearly 30 cities in Russia. In some cities, the clip was shot soloist of Reynard Cowper to a special camera mounted in his glasses, so we can safely say that the clip is removed, "the eyes of the group».

In October 2012 the band went into the largest in recent years, world tour and visited almost every continent. And began their large-scale tour BrainStorm it with Russia, giving concerts in such cities as Arkhangelsk, Krasnoyarsk, Petrozavodsk, Murmansk, Krasnodar, Ufa, Sochi, Izhevsk, Chelyabinsk, Rostov-on-Don, Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod, Tula, Kaliningrad and other . In the spring of 2013 the band played four shows in the UK and performed at the festival Music Matters in Singapore. Summer is the season BrainStorm opened at the biggest event in the music world - the festival Glastonbury! Musicians played their 45-minute set on June 29 site John Peel Stage, and became the first team from the former USSR, speaking at the world-famous festival. During the year the Group noted at such festivals like: Sziget (Hungary), Rock For People (Czech Republic), Summer Sound (Latvia), Cuba, Wings, Invasion, Red Rocks. It completed a tour group of a series of concerts in Ukraine and two yubilenymi concerts - in Moscow (Stadium Live) and St. Petersburg (A2), which presented the first Russian-English collection of «The Best Of», released specially for the anniversary. Two metropolitan concert became the most extensive in the history of live music in our country.

By the New Year the group gave the fans some surprises once - in December, released the album "The Seagull on the roofs" in the revolutionary format 3plet. The song «Years & Seconds» of the self-titled album in 2010 was the title theme of the 8th series of the detective film "Sniffer" (First Channel). Well closed BrainStorm year as headliners of the festival The best city in the Lubyanka winter night of December 31 to January 1.

Despite the fact that 2014 BrainStorm devoted to the work on a new album during this time in the life of the team continued to occur touring activity. In January, the group took part in the festival Eurosonic in the Netherlands and spoke at the Olympic Games in Sochi on the Medal Plaza. In April, the band attended the presentation of the album "The Seagull on the roof," the city of Minsk and again gave a concert in Nizhny Novgorod. Summer festivals group opened as a headliner at the festival "Wild Mint" and closed it headlined the project Lenovo Vibe Tour, which took place in 5 Russian cities. Especially for Lenovo Vibe Tour, the band released a long-awaited concert video "What did you pull ?!", filmed the group on their own during a tour of Russia. In the summer of 2014 as lead singer, Reynard Cowper, he joined Zemfira and her project The Uchpochmack festivals «SVOY Saturday" and ALFA FUTURE PEOPLE.

In the beginning, the band has been working on a new album, produced by Alex Silva, has previously worked with BrainStorm album in 2006 «Four Shores». Work on the new songs was held in Berlin at the legendary Hansa Studio. Traditionally, the first releases of albums always take place in the homeland of the group - in Latvia. And on Feb. 10, 2015, saw the light «Ziemu apēst» - the first single from the Latvian version of the album, which was named "7 soļi svaiga gaisa» («7 Steps of Fresh Air» English.). Also on the day of singles started selling tickets for the summer tour group in Latvia. Releases in Russian have already become a good tradition for the Latvian musicians and 28 April launched the first single, "Skip" to the future of the Russian release of the album - "7 Steps of Fresh Air». On May 19, while the light came just 2 versions of the new album: "7 soļi svaiga gaisa» Latvia and "7 Steps of Fresh Air» for Russia and the CIS. In the Russian version of the album includes ten songs, three of which are in Russian and one - the native groups to Latvian. The rest of the songs in the English-language release. In Russia, the album was released on the label Warner Music Russia.

Now the group went on tour in Latvia and announced the first leg of the tour in Russia. They opened the summer festival BrainStorm Invasion, where were as the headliner on Saturday July 4.