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Born in 1954 in Mogilev, in prison grew up without a father, mother, Genia B. Moses (Moises), was a political prisoner. [4] In memory of his mother after her death, Boris dedicated the song "deaf and dumb love", as she was killed by a deaf-mute who wrong door. After school, he went to Minsk, where he enrolled in the School of Choreography. He studied at the ballerina Mladinskoy. He graduated from college as a classical dancer.

He worked in Ukraine in the Kharkov Opera and Ballet Theatre, starting from the position of the artist and choreographer finished.

In 1975 he moved to Kaunas, where he performed in musical theater. Later he became chief choreographer of the Lithuanian orchestra "Trimitas (Lit.)».

In 1978 he created a dance trio "Expression", in which he danced with two girls (Larry Heath, Lyudmila Chesnulyavichyute). The trio acted in the famous in the years Variety Jurmala "Juras a pearl" ("Sea Pearl"), who was the artistic director Mark Gurman. There are talented dancers noticed Alla Pugacheva, and was invited to work in his show.

In 1987, the trio came out of the troupe Pugacheva and start a solo career. C 1988 to 1989 "Expression" performed in clubs in Italy, France and America. The trio has long worked in the TV show "Raffaella Carra is" on the Italian TV channel «Rai Due». A few years later, Boris Moiseyev began working as a choreographer and director-director of the municipal theater of the city of New Orleans. In 1991, the team returned to Russia, and went on television documentary "Expression" on the work of Boris Moiseyev and his trio.

In 1992 came the first performance in which the trio "Expression" has become a large-scale show-project "Boris Moiseyev and his lady." In 1993 came the play "Boris M + Boney M" with the group «Boney M». In the same year he published the play "The show goes on - the memory of Freddie Mercury».

In 1994 she leaves the show program "Caprice Boris Moiseev." In 1995 came the play "Child of vice". In 1996, Moses lets play "Fallen Angel." According to Moses, a performance-confession, which clearly traced his own fate: "I sing about tragedy and love. I always show the depth of human feelings, no matter who they connected - man and woman, man and man. It is love with all its ups and downs. I play on the stage the story of the senses. " In 1998, the play was shown on Broadway in the theater «Beacon Theatre».

In 1998, Moses lets play "Kingdom of Love" in 1999 - show "25 years on stage, or just Nutcracker».

In 2000 he published the play "Do not surrender." In 2001, the artist is working with French singer Nilda Fernandez and writes a few songs in a duet with him. In 2002 she leaves the show program "Alien."

In 2004 he published the commemorative program "Realm of the Senses" dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the artist. In 2005, Moses appeared in the science fiction film "Day Watch" in a cameo role. In the same year he sang a duet several songs with Lyudmila Gurchenko.

In 2005, Moses presented with L. Gurchenko show "In this autumn's nobody's fault." In June 2006, Boris Moiseyev was made in the New York concert hall "Millennium" with the program "Summer».

In March 2007, Boris Moiseev premiered the show "Ladies and Gentlemen" in the State Kremlin Palace. In 2007 he published an autobiography Moses called "Birdie: live sound." In March 2008, the Ukrainian TV channel "Inter" started shooting a talk show "Fashion sentence" (Ukr. "Fashion virok"), in which Boris Moiseyev participates as a judge.

In 2008, in a duet with Elena Sparrow takes part in the competition program "Two stars" (second season).

In February 2009, Boris Moiseev presented a commemorative show "Dessert" dedicated to his 55th anniversary in the State Kremlin Palace. In February 2010, Boris Moiseev creates a new show «ZERO», which premiered on March 6 in St. Petersburg Concert Hall "Oktyabrsky».

In November 2010, Boris Moiseev gone from producer Eugene Friedland, with whom he worked for over ten years.

December 20, 2010, Boris Moiseev hospitalized with suspected stroke, December 21 physicians confirmed the diagnosis. Every day state actor deteriorated, resulting in the left part of the body was paralyzed. December 23 the singer was put into a coma, he was hooked medical ventilator. 3 February 2011 the actor was discharged from the hospital and was at home on April 17, he appeared at a concert Christina Aguilera, and has sung on July 22 in Jurmala "New Wave". However, up to the end he was not rehabilitated: he does not work all the muscles of the face and it is difficult.