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Bogdan Titomir born March 16, 1967 in Odessa in the family of Peter Ivanovich Titomir. Mother's Maiden Name the artist Ludmila V. - Titorenko, her ancestors - Zaporozhye Cossacks. Parents - engineers, loved to sing around the campfire. Bogdan Pyotr taught to play the guitar, his mother enrolled him in the pool, it is - a candidate for master of sports in swimming. His father abused alcohol, and her parents divorced. As a child, Bogdan Titomir studied music (piano, presumably, one of his teachers was Elena Demchenko) and wanted to enter the Conservatoire.

After high school he enrolled at the Institute Gnesin, where he studied for only six months, and he was taken to the army. The army was engaged in amateur performances. After the army, he worked at the studio, made the first arrangements for the "Tender May».

Played drums Dmitry Malikov, then bass Vladimir Maltsev. In 2011 he became a presenter on TV Pepper.

In October 1989, it was formed a group of "Kar-man", which is "exotic-pop duo" Sergey Bogdan Titomir Lemokh and who had previously worked together with singers Vladimir Maltsev, playing keyboards and bass guitar respectively. The duo quickly became popular. Musicians working in the style of travel club, as evidenced by the title of their first album, "Around the World", which included songs such as "London, good-bye," "Paris, Paris", "Cio-Cio-San." By the end of 1991, Sergei Lemokh stayed in the group, and Bogdan Titomir began a solo career. Lemokh rewrote the vocal "Kar-men," and as a result the album "pocket" was published (in 1992) in his solo performance, without the participation of Bogdan.

Bogdan Titomir became the first performer of popular Russian hip-hop. At the same time appeared on the scene a group of "Bachelor" and Lika Star. Bogdan featured exaggerated at the time the sexual exploitation, as well as an attempt to bring the ideology of a simple-minded, and sometimes awkward texts (recitatives) of his songs. It is no coincidence was invented and actively promote the movement of "high energy", which coincides with the name of the most popular album. Rapid conquest contributed to the popularity of Titomir producing Sergei Lisowski. In particular, the first clip "nonsense" and "Do as I do" is played on channel 2 × 2 several times a day for several weeks at the most popular time. CNN channel dedicated to Bogdan a report from Moscow, and Leonid Parfenov Titomir devoted an entire issue of his documentary project "Portrait in the background" (1st channel Ostankino), in which he outlined the singer as a person who represents the 90th. It was there from the mouth Titomir voiced phrase "People hawala", which later became a cruise.

In the period from 1992-1995, the Bogdan has recorded three albums.

Album X-Love (The greatest love) - a dance album, with more style and less techno rap, but differs from the classic hits of the times of "high energy" more focus on the musical style of techno.

In the second half of 1990 Bogdan Titomir a while disappeared from the stage, went to the United States (by his own admission, for training). He lived there for several years, received a residence permit. He made his return to Russia. Today, the hero of Bogdan Titomir - Che Guevara, singer leads a healthy life, not take drugs.

In the 2000s, Bogdan started to act also as a DJ, and in 2006 released the album "Freedom" (limited edition).

In 2007 Bogdan Titomir removes his "return" video "Do as I do!" - 2007, directed by Vladimir Lert.

March 4, 2008 on MTV Russia started the show program "Star striptease", which became the leading Bogdan and Masha Malinovskaya.

In May 2008, Bogdan Titomir and rapper fog lifted joint music video for "slut", which was attended by the future Miss Russia 2009 Sofia Rudyeva. Video was directed by Constantin Shards. That same year, at the festival "Kazantip» Z16 Bogdan shot video for the song "itself».

In 2009 he published the video for the song "The Crisis," and in March 2010 released another new video "Superstar».

In late 2010, he released his double album "Delicate and rough", which consists of two discs, each of which is represented by 13 tracks. Music producer Michael album is "Mist" Krupin. The recording took a lot of guest musicians: Profit, Smokey Mo, Bess, Big D, Fun2Mass (Avakov, Pushkarev-Serebryakov), Children Fidel Dzhigan, fog. On the first disc, "Gentle" Bogdan Titomir, devoid of the usual brutality, performs songs in the style of R & B that is full and happy life. The second CD, entitled "Rough" Bogdan Titomir is presented in a more familiar image playboy for themselves. The sound tracks are exploiting many achievements Titomir mid 90s and made a rap style.

In 2011, together with the TV channel Pepper Bogdan she released the album "Pepper is very important." The new album consists of 14 tracks, where there is rap lyrics and dance items. In the album on a par with the newest song "Pepper", which became the anthem of the eponymous TV channel, there is already favorite hits by fans: "Drunk", "army" and "Sex Machine." Bogdan Titomir sure for 2 decades he has not lost his charisma and the new album "A very important pepper" "People shavaet».

At the beginning of 2012 she appeared in the special project "Citizen Rapper" for the October issue of the journal "Sobaka.ru».

Bogdan Titomir returns with a new album in the style of unitrap. The release is scheduled for early 2015, the new universal label DAR.