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Arseniy Borodin



Arseniy Borodin


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Arseniy Borodin


Russian rock musicians, winners of the project "Star Factory-6" and "American Idol. RETURN ", winner of the international contest" New Wave ", lead singer of" Chelsea ". ARSENY Borodin is the new sound of Russian rock, who will come to the liking of NOR only fans of heavy music, but any audience. His songs are filled with meaning and ABLE to reach out to everyone who hear them. Perhaps the main feature ARTIST IS A GENUINE DESIRE TO WITHDRAW FOR NEW ROCK, THE EUROPEAN level, which undoubtedly deserves respect. AS WELL AGAINST ARSENY phonograms, the use of which is often compounded by the singer. A genuine living voice in tandem with the musical instruments, allows to establish a stronger relationship with the audience. Daring video for the song "DEADMAN'S KISS" gathered more than 700 thousands of hits on YOUTUBE. A lyric for the song "If I" rotating almost all television channels. Now there is shooting the video "Houdini", which will appeal to every Russian, because in HIM COVERT the whole essence of the modern world. Kind of music you have not heard, do not feel such a drive!