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«The combination of sincerity and style, intelligent romance and refined musicality" - most often it is possible to hear such epithets about creativity singer Arina Ritz.  

   Arina Ritz - the name, full of mystery, so familiar to professional musicians, but so infrequently sounding for the "mass audience". Let's try to solve the mystery and find out what kind of actor behind this beautiful pseudonym !?

  Creative way Arina began in early childhood: the School of Arts in piano, children's theater stage "Minstrels" led by Irina Morar; participate in various competitions. Further, the life of the singer have been four years of acting profession in the Russian Academy of Dramatic Art, which Arina graduated with honors. The general public Arina Ritz name became known in 2002, when one of the contestants of the popular TV project "People's Artist" there was a charming member with a delicate, velvety and sensual voice. She first notes managed to charm the professional jury under the direction of Larisa Dolina. It was then that the singer Arina Ritz became known all over the country, and together with five other girls became a member of girl group "Assorted". At the same time the contract was signed with a famous production center, and the creation of the author and artist Arina Ritz was "paused" and awaited the moment when time and opportunity for self-realization of creative plans will be more. Few people know that before the arrival of the project "People's Artist", the singer Arina Ritz with her future husband, composer and arranger Ilya Pugovkin, recorded their debut album "The sea of ​​my love," and one of the most popular hits of the "assorted" was the author's composition Arina Ritz "Light my body." In 2008, Arina with bandmates one of the first was among the famous residents of the project «Jazz Parking».

   In 2011, after the expiration of the contract, was born a new group of "N.A.O.M.I." formed of the soloists "Variety." Girls have successfully started their own independent way and in the same year, took third place in the competition "New Wave". In one of the qualifying rounds of the author's group performed a song Arina Ritz "beads." In 2013, "N.A.O.M.I." recorded a duet with Vladimir Presnyakov and take part in a solo concert of Leonid Agutin.   At the moment the singer Arina Ritz successfully combines the role of wife, mother, teacher, author, artist and member of "the singing" (often referred to his colleagues) Russian Girls Band, the group "N.A.O.M.I." ( www.naomimusic.ru). Over the years Arina Ritz had written a lot of songs that it's time to demonstrate to the general public.

   Since April 17, 2014, on the stage of one of the trendiest music clubs in Moscow hosted a presentation of the project and Arina Ritz premiere of a new "songs out loud ...».