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Arkadiy Ukupnik

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Born February 18, 1953 in the small Ukrainian city of Kamenets - Podolsky Khmelnitsky region in a family of teachers. My mother taught Russian language and literature, my father taught mathematics. In six years, parents sent to learn Arcadia music. He studied at the music school in violin, then in the Tsaritsyn Regional Music School in the class of bass guitar.
m In 1971, the future singer and composer came to Moscow and rushed not to the music school, but entered the Bauman Moscow City Technical University, but did not leave music and already played in all the ensembles and even in the jazz club under the direction of Igor Brill. After the institute, which Arkady graduated in 1976 with the specialty of "automation and mechanization of welding production", he worked in the ensemble of Yuri Antonov, the orchestra of L. Utesov and the band "Jazz-Ataka" (1972-78). Since then, the singer And the composer does not part with music. In 1983, Arkady Semenovich began composing the song "Rowan Beads" for Irina Ponarovskaya. "I was not going to write songs at all, I was fascinated by instrumental music, but one day something came up on me and I wrote a song for Irina Ponarovskaya, she liked it." So the biography of composer-songwriter Arkady Ukupnik started. His fame came from working with Larisa Dolina, Vladimir Presnyakov, Jr., Christina Orbakaite. He wrote songs for Alla Pugacheva, Natalia Vetlitskaya, Tatyana Ovsienko, Alena Apina, Sergei Chelobanov and others. In 1982 he began his career as a singer. A constant participant of the program "Christmas Meetings" by Alla Pugacheva. The acquirer now lives with his third wife. From the previous marriages the musician had a son and a daughter. Arkady has his own recording studio, which he did together with several bright representatives of show business.

Ukupnik is one of the most hit composers. Writing successful songs, he manages to sing himself, while at the same time his songs have visited the top of the charts at different times.