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Angelica was born in Minsk, Belarus. Since childhood, she knew that her life would be associated with the scene. Schoolgirl attended drama school, dance ensemble and the music school.

Already in the 15 years she gets the lead role in the film "The examination for the director." After a successful debut in the movie Angelica enters the Belarusian Theatre and Art Institute. Being a first-year student wins beauty contest "Miss Belarus". After that, they say, I woke up famous! Soon Angelica became a soloist of the popular ensemble "Veras'. In 1991, the singer gets his second title - "Miss Photo USSR 'as the best fashion model country.

Her solo exhibitions were shown in many countries: in Italy, England, France, Belgium, Germany.

After five years of work in the ensemble "Veras' Angelica successfully starts a solo career. Under the name of Lika Yalinskaya she released the albums "Paper Moon," "Night of no sleep", "For You", which in record time achieved the status of national bestsellers. Angelica is a welcome guest at music festivals "Slavic Bazaar", "Crossroads of Europe", "Golden Hit". At the same time receiving a degree in "music producer of show programs" and "music teacher".

Creates art club "Face", which is organizing and directing the biggest events of the country opens its own beauty school. Parallel Angelica is a program on television - "The premiere of the song" and "Breakfast with Lika."

After moving to Russia Angelica continues his career. Soon she became the winner of another beauty contest - "Mrs. Russia", and in 2005 with the song "Love me tonight" represents Belarus at the international contest "Eurovision". Promo-tour of Angelica, in which the singer has visited 26 European countries, it is the most ambitious in the history of the competition.

In 2006, Angelica was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus. Hit "I will live for you", a self-titled album, rushes to the top of the charts and the singer brings the award "Golden Gramophone". On the show program "I will live for you," Angelica serves the cities of Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, and the tour ends at the Moscow Variety Theater. In the same year, Angelica appeared on the series "Cursed Paradise", her song "I guarantee Paradise", "Do this," and "Call" are the soundtracks for the series.

In 2009, with producer Max Fadeev, Angelica released the album "Love! Love? Love ..."

This album reveals new facets of the talent of the singer. During the song "The Rose in the snow," the singer received a diploma "Song of the Year." Hit "Unloved" became the soundtrack for "Champion", and broadcasted the video for broadcast on all music channels. July 20th, 2009 Angelica makes a gift to his Belarusian fans - a large outdoor solo concert at the Mir Castle.

In 2010 he published a collection of the best songs of Angelica "Grand Collection". And then, one by one, followed by the premiere. "Crossroads of Souls" at "Slavonic Bazaar". Shocking room "Fly" on the "New Wave 2011". For this composition Angelica received a diploma "Song of the Year".

The video for the ballad "The River" hits the charts music channels, and the composition itself - the most prestigious musical collections of the country and also received a diploma "Song of the Year." Later, the songs included on the album, "You do not know me so".

In Los Angeles, Angelica held photo session in the famous studio "Milk Studios", where the stylists and makeup artists are such masters of their craft as the Clyde Haygood (constantly working with Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Shakira, etc.) and Troy Jensen ( Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefany, Pussycat Dolls).

20th anniversary of his artistic career, Angelique said November 19, 2011 a bright show in the State Kremlin Palace. Angelica gave viewers duets with the most luxurious men Russian show business Philip Kirkorov, Boris Moiseev, Dmitry Malikov, Buynova Alexander and Alexander Marshal.

Singer writes new songs, working with European and American sound producers such as Savvas Iossifidis (worked with the Bee Gees, Robbie Williams, et al.), Philippe-Marc Anquetil (Sarah Connor, SHINee).

Her repertoire includes hits from the world's writers such as Rick Nowels - creator of hits for Madonna, Lana Del Rey, Nelly Furtado, 'N Synk; Tzvika Pick - creator of the super-hit Diva; remixes from DJs world - Riffs & Rays and the Almighty, that sounded in the clubs of Ibiza, Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Now the life of Angelica new creative phase. She is active in the recording studio, is preparing a new show program, acted in television series and movies.