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Anton Zatsepin


In 2004, in St. Petersburg Anton Zatsepin was a preliminary casting of "American Idol": 12 applicants (6 boys and 6 girls) went to Moscow for the final audition. Incidentally, the "factory" conveyor Anton came through decisive persuasion of friends. Anton became member of the project "Star Factory - 4", whose producer is the People's Artist of Russia, composer Igor Krutoy. The creative individuality Anton impressed co-producer of the project, composer and singer Igor Nikolayev, and especially for Anton, he wrote a few songs. Hit the "shorter only Gubin" broke into the charts of many radio stations and became the hallmark of Anton. Ninety days in the "Factory" became a kind of school of communication with people. At the end of "factory" life project participants went on a long tour of Russian cities.

After Idol, Anton becomes really popular. Endless tours, performances at major music festivals and creative evenings, shooting videos and concerts - what else can dream of actor? The first clip, "a book about love," the song Igor Nikolaev was shot in 2004 on the grounds of "Eugene Onegin" in the same 2004 he was awarded the "Golden Gramophone" together with Nadezhda Kadyshevo for the song "Broad River". In 2004, he executed a duet with Nadezhda Kadyshevo song "Broad River" won first place in the hit parade of Russian radio "Golden Gramophone". In 2005, he released a new hit single "Fly Away", which holds more than a year in the top 10 videos of all domestic music channels. In 2008, the joint work Zatsepina and Rezo Gigineishvili brings another success: the song and video "I know, be together" takes a worthy place in the musical baggage singer.

In 2014, Anton GITIS completes and signs a contract with a record label "good people." Together with the studio Monolith in the light goes out the song "You know." In September, 2014 video shoot took place, and in October the presentation of the clip with the participation of Russian pop stars, media and music community. Now Anton writes new songs, preparing a duet with popular band, and continues to tour with the tour "Zacepin. The Return ".