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Anastasia Volochkova - prima ballerina, actress and social activist, the star of world ballet. One of the most famous Russian ballerina was born in Leningrad (St. Petersburg), 20 January 1976. Its mission was defined in early childhood and resulted in the St. Petersburg Academy of Russian Ballet named AJ Vaganova. She drew the attention of Natalia Mikhailovna Dudinka, outstanding Russian ballerina and teacher. As a student of the Academy, Anastasia made her debut on the stage of the largest temple of Russian art - the Mariinsky Theater, performing the role of Odette-Odile in "Swan Lake».

From 1994 - 1998 years. Anastasia Volochkova rapidly accumulates repertoire, performing at the Mariinsky Theatre principal roles in ballets "Giselle", "Raymonda", "Firebird", "La Bayadere", "Don Quixote", "Sleeping Beauty", "Nutcracker", "Le Corsaire" , "Scheherazade," "The Fountain of Bakhchisarai", "Paquita", "Spirit of the Rose." Her theater teachers are Olga Moses, Tatiana Terekhova, Inna Zubkovskaya.

At this time with the Mariinsky Theatre dancer on tour in the US, UK, Japan, South Korea, France, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Norway, Bahrain, Canada, consistently attracting the attention of audiences and critics.

In 1996 Anastasia won the International Ballet Competition them. Serge Lifar in Kiev. Her song "Twilight of the Gods. Vilisca "to the music of Henry Purcell, choreographer Edvald Smirnov, has been enthusiastically accepted by the jury and the audience.

In 1998, should be invited to the Bolshoi Theatre of Russia (Moscow). On the main stage of the country's theatrical debut in the party Anastasia Swan Princess ("Swan Lake" staged by Vladimir Vasiliev).). For this role built up a number of other leading parties. Nikia ("La Bayadere" staged by Yuri Grigorovich), Raymond (staged by Yuri Grigorovich), Lilac Fairy ("Sleeping Beauty" directed by Yuri Grigorovich) Giselle (production by Vladimir Vasiliev) and Kitri ("Don Quixote" ballet master A. Gorsky, staged A . Fadeyechev). It is also engaged in modern productions. The first performer of the roles: Tsar Maiden ("Humpbacked Horse" by Rodion Shchedrin, staged by Nikolai Androsov and the Empress ("Russian Hamlet", the music of Mahler and Beethoven L.-V., staged by Boris Eifman) Anastasia toured with the troupe of the Bolshoi Theater around the world, always attracting the attention of audiences and critics.

In 1998, he participates in the production of the ballet "Giselle" in Tokyo in the company "New National Ballet» («New national ballet»).

In 2000, she danced in the French troupe "Ballet Bordeaux» («Ballet Bordo») batch of Aurora in the premiere performances of "Sleeping Beauty" (directed by Charles Zhyuda by Marius Petipa). During these years, she begins touring independently. In creating his solo program Anastasia attended by leading choreographers from different countries: Edvald Smirnov, Paul Chalmer, Alexander Ursulyak Yuri Khisamov Dmitry Bryantsev, Mead El Gohary, Renato Zanella, Tony Powell, Mr Angelo, Dana Tai Soon, Jose Antonio Val Kaniparoli, Kenneth Gref. 2000 - Anastasia became a prize winner of the "Golden Lion", as "the most talented ballerina in Europe." Ballet Competition in St Polten (Austria)

Then the dancer is invited to stage the ballet "Sleeping Beauty" in the English National Ballet («English National Ballet»). The choreographer Derek Dean re-compose the image of the Fairy Carabosse, extending it to the main party. The ballet is performed on the stage of the Royal Albert Hall of Arts and Sciences («Royal Albert Hall of Arts and Sciences») and becomes an event in the theatrical life of London. 2001 - British public interest entails a triumphal tour in London. A.Volochkova appears in the role of Carmen in the famous "Carmen-suite" The famous production staged for Maya Plisetskaya, it goes with her consent to Anastasia Volochkova.

In 2000, Anastasia is forced to leave the Bolshoi Theatre, and in 2001 at the request of the choreographer Yuri Grigorovich Anastasia again invited to the Bolshoi to participate in the production of the ballet "Swan Lake". The return of the ballerina in the Bolshoi and execution of Odette-Odile has unprecedented resonance in the criticism and the press contributes to its immense popularity and success of future projects in Russia.

The interest in Anastasia Volochkova identity goes beyond the ballet community and becomes universal. 2002 - Decree of the President of the Russian Federation Anastasia Volochkova awarded the title of Honored Artist of Russia.

In 2003, the administration of the Bolshoi Theatre refused to sign an annual contract with a ballerina and with gross violations dismisses Volochkova. In response, Anastasia goes to court, which alone stands to defend his honor. Anastasia first of creative people raises controversy in the media about the vulnerability of actors to the actions of unscrupulous administrators. The court found the actions of the administration of the Bolshoi Theater unlawful and ordered to restore the illegally dismissed ballet dancer Anastasia Volochkova in the troupe. Despite the difficulties, Anastasia actively touring the world with his solo program, as well as participate in various creative projects:

2003-2004 Mr. G. - Russian directors noted acting talent ballerina Anastasia among the actors' work - the film "Black Prince" - won the Grand Jury Prize New York International Independent Film Festival in 2004 (the main role - Natalie Goncharova, beloved poet A .With. Pushkin), role in the popular television series "A Place in the Sun" (2004), "Not Born Beautiful" (2005)

In 2009, the debut of the new show «Nerve» on the stage of London's «Coliseum» (Coliseum theatre the English National Opera), in late 2009 the show «Nerve» 6000 spectators saw the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow.
< br> "I was always interested to try themselves in various fields", - says Anastasia - "within" a ballerina "I have closely».

In 2009, Volochkova took part in the election of the head of administration of Sochi.

In the autumn of the same year (2009) was published autobiographical book Anastasia "The history of Russian ballerina", which caused a vivid debate in the press and a huge success among readers.

In December 2009, Anastasia has surprised all his fans by taking part in the main Russian New Year's show "Christmas meetings of Alla Pugacheva" as a singer, performing written especially for her song famous composer Igor Nikolaev "Ballerina».

2010 - Anastasia holds an MBA (Master of Business Administration) at the Higher School of Economics. In 2011 Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova has announced its decision to withdraw from the ruling party, which joined in 2003. The event attracted the attention of major media and caused a wide resonance in Russian society. During his stay in the party ranks ballerina implemented dozens of projects for children. She has always taken a proactive stance, carried out its own social projects and continues to deal with them regardless of party affiliation.

One of the major and long-awaited event in 2011 was the opening of the first Moscow "Creative Center Anastasia Volochkova." In the future, it plans to open a network of similar children's creative centers in major Russian cities. Anastasia continues to implement the idea of ​​charity concert projects for children and youth, and toured the world.

In 2012 successfully completed a large-scale charity tour 17 Ukrainian cities. The project was devoted to children in Ukraine.

In 2012 - in Moscow held a solemn presentation of the new project Anastasia "Emerald Russia" (Concert Hall "Barvikha Luxury Village»). This is the first annual award nationwide scale for young talents. This event will be a wonderful boost to the further development and popularization of the dance art, as well as a unique opportunity to truly gifted children to demonstrate their abilities.

2 June 2012 - a charity concert in Moscow (Crocus City Hall) «Anastasia -lyubimym children." In concert timed to the Day of protection of children, young people are invited to free, children from poor families, large families, orphanages and dance schools.

2013 - a charity concert tour "Anastasia Volochkova and young talents of Kuzbass", a tour with a new show in Poland, Germany, Russia.

She applauded the Moscow, St. Petersburg, London, Paris, Rome, New York, Tokyo, Seoul, Berlin, Vienna, Copenhagen, Athens, Madrid, Brussels, Santiago, Ottawa, Oslo, Warsaw, etc. For her, opened the door the world famous concert halls - Théâtre des Champs-Élysées (Paris), Metropolitan Opera of New York, New National Theatre Tokyo, Crocus City Hall (Moscow), the State Kremlin Palace (Moscow), and so on.

Her spectacular career also helps bright appearance and a clear commitment to excellence in everything. Outperform absolutely all the classic games, Anastasia decided not to stop there and go beyond the usual roles of classical ballet dancer.

Due to the desire to experiment diamond her art turned into a diamond of pure water, glittering triumph new faces.

Her personality and creativity of the global public interest. It takes a clear stance, always has his point of view, openly expressing his opinion on the pages of popular magazines, newspapers and television space. The world's leading humbled CNN, BBC, Sky News TV, Sbs news TV, RTL Germany, ADV, New York Times, The Gardian, El Pais and Der Spiegel, Die ZEIT, Sunday Telegraph, O Globo, Los Angeles Times, Sunday Times, El Mundo Spain, Le Monde France, «L'Express», «Le Point» Hurriyet Turkey and others. repeatedly placed her interview. Anastasia - always a welcome guest and participant of the creative projects of the main Russian TV channels ("Dancing on Ice", "Ice and Flame," "Ice Age," "Dancing with the Stars," "Two Star»).

Currently actress continues to tour the world with his new dance show which stylistics - is outside the scope of classical ballet. This new, bright, unexpected modern choreography to music by famous composers of the modern world, with the participation of show-ballet Anastasia Volochkova. The explosive combination of unique images, the expression of strong character and talent - the key to success and the unconditional love of the public.