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Such girls as ALENA Kravets decided to talk in superlatives. It seems that nature has endowed it to anyone. Beauty, talent, intelligence, hard work, discipline, femininity sparkling sense of humor, perfect flavor, deep inner peace, strict attitude to yourself - all these qualities are reasonably coexist in one girl. Alena Kravets - eyed slender blonde, as well as many beautiful girls, started her career in modeling at the age of 16 years. Working on the podium, Allen received a law degree, and after a while decided to acquire another specialty of psychology courses. This was achieved not easy, but Allen never deviate from their intended purposes and confidently moves forward: lack of sleep, nervousness, solving endless problems, constantly moving some flights and transfers. But very soon the scope of the podium for her became too narrow. The passion for music and creativity that accompanied Alain in early childhood, have taken their toll. Alena Kravets seriously engaged in professional solo career. After the debut music video for the song Alena "Cinema" skeptics saw it as just another singing "doll" - phony. However, very soon, and decisively Alain bezappelitsionno proved to the public that for the angelic appearance lies a strong, ideological and professional nature. Music Community took Allen into their ranks. The singer has proved that it has come to stay and is going to achieve much of this life, with no one to obey. And so it happened: Alena Kravets for a short time removed several video clips, won a lot of men's hearts and captivated army of fans, apart from a successful debut as an actress.

Now Alena in the arsenal of several clips, albums, collaborating with her famous figures of Russian show business: actor Sergei Astakhov, composer Kim Breitburg trio «Fresh Art», directors Rezo Gigineishvili Irina Mironova. Her tour schedule is painted by day. But even with this intense creative graphics, Alena Kravets has time to be a great mom. She has a daughter, which sees its continuation. Successfully folded and her film career. Alain is involved in several TV projects. She is loved by the public, secular chronicler of her colleagues with respect respond in show business. But despite the success of the existing Alena Kravets never rests on its laurels. Constantly sets new goals that successfully reaches. Her motto: "Just go!"