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He was born in an ordinary, but a musical family, but the main job of parents was not associated with music. His father worked in the specialty electrical fitter, my mother worked in one of the units of Murmansk.

The parents died early. His father died from a severe lung disease (asthma), when Alex was barely 15, and his mother died of a lung infection after a few years. Alex with his older brother Eugene were orphaned.

Musical ability Alexei appeared in his childhood, when he learned to play guitar and my mother's brother. A little later Alex came to the Palace of Culture, where Metelev Gennady offered him to join the trio. In this trio, where he performed with boy and girl, came the first success. The group won prizes at various music competitions, the composition also eagerly invited to sing in the evening to popular restaurants in the city.

After the end of 9th grade Alexei enrolled in college on a specialty "Electrical Fitter repair of electrical urban transport (trolleybuses)." Already well-known in his hometown, the young singer worked in trolleybus depot № 2. Then Goman arrived in Murmansk Pedagogical University for the first year, in the direction of "socio-cultural activities».

The Institute Alexei Goman participated staged Notre Dame de Paris, in which he played the role of the poet Gringoire. Its author was Nina Kurganova, head of the French Consulate in St. Petersburg and Evgeny Goman, which at that time was a famous director and plays a leading radio show on "Europe +" in Murmansk.

Soon, the curator of the institute's group suggested that he change the "small but good Murmansk" cultural studies at the Faculty of St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts. Here Alex and he finished his studies (directing department), managing to tour the country and record albums.

Pro-round selection in the project "People's Artist" learned the singer on vacation in Sochi. Alex went to Moscow, where the song "Russian guy" singer won.

In 2006, Alexey Goman made at the song festival "Slavic Bazaar", and it is as a participant. Previously, he played in the competition, but only as a guest. Grand Prix, however, went to the other participants from Russia, but Alexei Goman take at least third place.

In the same year, the singer took part in "Dancing with the Stars." He has performed in tandem with the world champion in Latin American dancing - nineteen Lyudmila Chegrinets. In just three months, almost not being able to dance, Alex has mastered the skill of dance. He learned to dance like classical and Latin American dances. Thanks to the diligence of Alexei and Lyudmila reached the semi-finals and won the third place.

In 2014, Alexey Goman participated in the show "Ice Age" on Channel paired with Jana Khokhlova. The pair appeared very interesting, but did not reach the finals. Gomanom attributed to an affair with a partner on the skating, but the actor has denied this fact.

Alexei himself says of participation in the project "This is the most complex project in which I was involved. I had never skated, well, two or three times just stood, but it is not considered. Honestly, I never understood the meaning of such wear uncomfortable shoes and cut the ice. However, when Ilya Averbukh invited me in "Ice Age", I looked a few programs, I realized that I was interested. While the young and have strength, I want to try myself everywhere. Especially since I had previously participated in the project "Dancing with the Stars" and hoped that the past will help me on the ice ».

Alexey Goman graduated from drama school German Sidakova. For several years playing in different performances.

Now the singer is working with musical group, which began to cooperate more in 2009. This Goman not forget to sing songs mostly his own. In 2010, Alexey was awarded the Order of "Young Talent of Russia - charoite star" and "Service to Art» I degree ("Golden Star"). At this point in the discography of the singer listed three albums: "Russian guy", "golden ray of sunlight" and "May". It works on 4th solo album.