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Biography in the first person:
In every song I live a whole life, my songs are about real stories that took place at different times to each of us. They - about love, friendship and betrayal, meetings and partings, of human relationships, so resonate in the hearts of millions of people, are becoming popular in discos and sounds of the country and abroad and close to the people the most different segments of the population and age groups. I am grateful to my dear listeners, fans, friends, DJs for what they believed in my sincerity. I am happy that my childhood dream came true, because every girl dreams of a happy future. Performing the song Valerie, I instantly became famous and gained friends. Now I have a lot of new ideas and plans for the future and not dwelling on the song Valerie, who is very dear to me, I will continue to please all of you new hits. I remain myself, with you and for you! I will create and sing songs with the most fashionable and beautiful arrangements of poems. I am glad that you are with me and supporting me, it gives me the strength to further creativity. My heart and soul are open to you, is that you can feel, hear my songs!