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Valov began his hip-hop career in 1986 as a street dancer, later became a performer, a poet, a musician, a producer and a businessman. In 1993 he graduated from the St. Petersburg University of the Humanities and defended a diploma on the topic "Hip Hop Culture as a socio-political phenomenon"
Sheff began his career with breakdance. He was part of the dance groups "Crew-Synchron" and "White Gloves". From 1986 to 1989, the team "White Gloves" won almost all awards at domestic festivals on breakdance.
In 1989, Sheff founded the Bad Balance group in St. Petersburg and is its unchanged leader to this day. The
In 1989-1992, the first studio album Bad Balance "Above the Law" was recorded, which was distributed through "its channels" on cassettes and reels. In support of the album, Valov made the first batch of T-shirts, so 1992 was marked by the beginning of the activity of the Bad B. Wear clothing line. The
In 1994, the album "Harriers of Bad B." was released. The album was recorded at the Moscow studio Gala Rec. Twenty years later, Sheff released a vinyl record of the album "The Harriers of Bad B." The
Bad Balance gave concerts in more than 120 European cities in the framework of the international tour "Stop The Violence" in 1993-1995. The tour was held with the participation of French, Dutch and German hip-hop teams. The
In 1994, SHEFF organized the Hip-Hop Culture Center in Moscow, where he established schools for break dance and DJing. In 1995 he opened the St. Petersburg branch of the Center for Hip-Hop Culture on the basis of the club "Mountain". In the same year SHEF started to publish the first Russian magazine about hip-hop culture "Hip-Hop Info", as well as the eponymous collections of the same name. The
In 1998, the album "City of the Jungle" was recorded, and released the following year. The
In 1999, he created an association of artists Bad B. Alliance, each of the artists of the association is producing. The Bad B. The Alliance includes the following artists: DeCle, Legal Business $$, White Chocolate, Timati, Bell, Alkofank, Sheff, and, as the main motive force, the Bad Balance band. The
In 2000, the band Bad Balance wrote the album "Stone Forest" in New York (West-East Studio). Ice-T helped Sheff record an international album. On the album there are foreign guests: Barron Ricks, Ultramagnetic MC`s association with its leader T.R. Love, DJ Charm, Carla W, Rad Roc, Trenger, Rocsigar and other artists and musicians of New York. The
In 2002, SHEF stops Hip-Hop Info, the association of Bad B. Alliance and creates a new hip-hop brand "100PRO": music label, magazine, hip-hop clothing boutique, club parties. In the same year SHEFF, as a music producer, opens the largest three-day music festival in the Krasnodar region "Anapa-Art". October 27, 2002 Mikhey (one of the first partners of Sheff in Bad Balance) dies. The
In 2003, the next album Bad Balance "Little by Little" and the second solo album by Sheff "The Master of the Broken Syllable" was released. The
In 2004, Sheff conducted 10 times in a row the Annual International Festival "Rap Music - 10 years strong!". At the Festival, Raekwon from the Wu-Tang Clan was invited as a special guest and jury member. The
In 2005-2006, Bad Balance went on tour (as part of the Sarmat Hip-Hop Tour) with DJ Charm (New York, Brooklyn), Mr. Simon, the project SHEFF, the group "The Game of Words" and Yolka on the largest cities of Ukraine. In these two years, two summer shows were held on the central squares of 15 Ukrainian cities, including Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Sevastopol, Donetsk, Lviv, Yalta, Vinnitsa, Lugansk, Dnepropetrovsk, and others. In 2006 she released her third solo album "Grazia", ​​where the American rap singer GURU from Gangsarr took part. The
In 2007, under the flag of Bad Balance, the first real album of Russian gangsta rap music "The Legends of the Gangsters" was released. The album is about all the most famous gangsters of the last century. The
In 2011, the international album Bad Balance "World Wide" was released, which was attended by foreign guests. In the same year came the fourth solo album of Sheff "PREMIUM", as well as his first art book "Stone Forest". The
In 2013, the album Bad Balance "Crime of the 90's". In the same year, the second book of Sheff's "Aroma of Vinyl" was published. The
In 2014, released the second album from the project Bad B. PRO ... "North Mysticism", where Sheff with Cooper presented in rap music to the history of Celts, Normans, Rosses, etc. The
From the beginning of the 2000s SHEFF began producing documentary films about its creative path "The History of Bad B.", in the spring of 2015 another part of the film "The History of Bad B. Part # 3", "War and Peace" was released, CHAPTER TWO. The
In 2016, a new album, Bad Balance - Politics, was released. The premiere of the clip "Politika" from the Bad Balance album of the same name was held on May 26, 2016, and the premiere of the second clip "The State" was held in September two weeks before the release of the album.