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Andrew graduated from the Kiev Glier Institute of Music (vocals) and became known as a participant of the Voice of the Country, winner of the vocal project "SHOW No. 1" (Inter TV channel), finalist of the selection of "X-Factor" (24-ka The National selection of the Eurovision-2011 (100 best), the National selection of the "New Wave-2012" (30 best), "New Wave-2013" (20 best), the semifinalist of the selection "Ukrainian Star Factory-4", "X- Factor-2 ", participant of the entertaining show" Sing, if you can "(New channel).
The author of the super hits "It's time to go home," "Look to the sky," admitted in an interview that he left the best hits for himself, literally saying: "I do not push my own piss ..."
In September 2012, Andrey already had an attempt to create the first album of his songs (among which - "Look to Heaven"), and in the spring of 2013 - there was an experimental English-language soul-compilation. After that, the young singer for two years left for himself and took up the authorship, not appearing on stage until the "Voice of the Country" (season 6). The
The reincarnation of the vocal career began with the author's song "Oblish", which became famous due to Svetlana Loboda. Currently, the work is on the first mature hits for themselves. And on February 28, Andrei will try to conquer the main stage of the country ("Voice of the country" by 1 + 1) and show his multifaceted talent.